LAST POST: It's not what you have but how... err... when you post it!

Game on, guys and girls!

And something about top post pics… I suppose that includes this post?

This top pic goes out to Mr. no1
bottoms up!

oooo a shiny fresh new last post!!!

I claim this spot! All MINE!

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durnit! i wanted first post! oh well. ill settle for

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That’s what you get for slackin’ off!

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actually i was cleaning out my dresser before college. iv made over $70 so far just going through 1 drawer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well congrats I guess. . . better save it for pizza, you’ll need it!

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not where im going. our food is amazing. :stuck_out_tongue:


culinary arts school?

last post

no. but our dining halls are rated like top. they are, truly, epic.


nice new last post digs!

I’ll just settle right in for a Last Post!

Seventh Last Post!

Lovely Saturday Morning

Last Post!

its almost afternoon by now.


Lovely Tuesday morning last post.

I’m… uhm… in a different time zone…

L to the P

so you’re mentally in Hawaii? i like. :smiley:


Afternoon Delight Last Post

Who is this turken who is a thread stealer!! :wah: that’s just mean! And - promised kenny I’d wait to start the new thread. Sorry kenny. Lp thread was stolen out from under me

Sorry Terri, they wouldn’t wait for me to get off work to play with them either. (I ended up working an hour after I clocked out.) At least Turken has been around for a while and actually out ranks me for woot age.

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But, yak gave LP to me :wah:

I wish. Really do. When I picture a happy place, it’s on the side of Mauna Kea watching the sun rise.

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