Lenovo Yoga 12" Intel i5 Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo Yoga 12" Intel i5 Touch Ultrabook
Price: $599.99
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Specifications list shows 4GB but everywhere else says 8GB. Is the 4GB a typo?

CPU Benchmarks

It’s tempting if it’s 8GB. The specs say 4GB.

Intro says 8GB DDR3 RAM, however specs says 4GB DDR3. Which is it?

I’ve reached out to our vendor team to find out. I’ll let you know when I have an answer!

** OH SNAP Y’ALL! This laptop is 8GB of sweet computer-y power!**

We’ll change the spec page soon, but you heard it here first!

I have this laptop and it is a piece of garbage. Where do I start the complaints?! It is simply a poor and low quality design. The keys on the keyboard are made of an ultra thin plastic which results in a poor mounting to the laptop base. I have several keys that have literally snapped off! I’ve never seen this happen on another laptop! I have 2 other friends with the same issue. This is a common complaint on the forums. The touch-screen is also useless. It is either over sensitive or under sensitive. The Windiws 10 drivers are not completely compatible with the device so it results in sporadic ‘spasms’ on the touch screen as if 20 fingers are tapping all over it. I took it to Geek Squad at Best Buy and they too said it was a common complaint and suggested disabling the touch screen! Once disabled, the screen works fine. The battery life is poor, the storage is problematic, the charging mount on the side is with a large USB-like connector that is awkward. The transformer piece on the charging cord is so large and unbalanced/heavy that when you plug it into a wall, the weight of it pulls it out of the socket! I literally have to prop it up in the wall or it will fall out!! This is the worst laptop I have EVER had! I wouldn’t spend half this price on it. In fact, I will sell the one I have for $200 and feel like I was ripping someone off.

What about the SSD? Is it really only 16GB?

Pues it’s it must be just for cache matters, bit that’s enough to powerbump this little guy!!!

Thank you for your informed post.

I have to say, I appear to be one of the lucky ones. I’ve had mine since April 2015, and I’ve experienced no such issues. I use it daily. I bought it specifically for the touchscreen pen support and it’s been great. The only thing I’ve had go wrong is having one of the pens go bad, which causes some bad behavior. Fortunately, I was able to easily diagnose it using my full sized Bamboo stylus which still worked fine. The replacement pen worked great.

The configuration I ordered was EXACTLY the one here. The moment mine arrived, I pulled out the factory HDD and the SSD (configured as an accelerator) without even turning on the machine, and replaced them with a Samsung 500GB EVO SSD. I did a clean load of Windows 8.1. I did an in place upgrade to Windows 10 when it became available.

My only current issue is with a Windows Update (keeps coming in rollups as well) that causes it to sit at the “spinning blue dots” and delays a log screen by several hours when it’s present on the machine. If I remove it, all is fine (until the next rollup comes and f’s it up again…). Commonly reported in Windows Forums, not sure about Lenovo Forums specifically. I just wanted to share my experience to provide some contrast. When I saw the price on this, my jaw dropped and I almost impulse bought one to have a backup… damn you woot.

Hope this is helpful.

[Edit - Addendum]
On build quality, I will say that I’ve dropped mine a couple of times and never had an issue until three weeks ago when I was on vacation. I had it in my arms, and open this time (screen open) and dropped it from about 4.5 feet onto a ceramic tile floor. It landed on the upper left corner of the screen. A small piece of the plastic broke away at the seam on the corner (about 1mm x 5mm), and a small right triangle of pixels (hypotenuse of about 1cm) of pixels that are now discolored. But, touch screen and usability are still intact. If they weren’t, I’d definitely be buying this one and swapping my drive over.

Total piece of crap. Buy this Lenovo/IBM and you’ll regret it. Save your money and go buy an Etch-A-Sketch. More dependable than this cheaply made bow-wow. They shouldn’t be allowed to rip people off with this headache waiting to happen.

I feel like most PC’s are a crap shoot but I wish someone would confirm the specs of this.

specs plus thinkpad construction…how can this be bad?

Anybody happen to have the model number by chance? I’m interested in finding out this products home page with all the support, accessory, and any kind of Lenovo Ext. Warranty information.

I’ve got to find out more info before they ship this to me.

Thank you in advance!

I agree! I have a Lenovo as well and will NEVER buy another.

Does this model come with a webcam?

Per the specs: Yes, 720p HD