Let the Good Rhymes Toll

This game is quite simple; your choices are two.
Rhyme with the last post or rhyme with just you.

It will be a delight
to see your new thread take flight. :slight_smile:

I’ll thank you right now for your welcome support;
I hope others feel challenged and won’t sell it short.

verses will pour forth as if from the bard;
those who don’t will be feathered and tarred!

There ya go! That’s the way! See? It ain’t too hard.

I don’t have the time
to think of a rhyme

In these threads, word games are a hit.
I’m sure Poof and Lynnz will love it.

It’ll give us a chance to share our deep, emotive thoughts.
You know, the ones we all think while sitting on our respective pots.

Our deepest thoughts in shallow water?
I’ll stick to puns just like I ought’er.

Like an otter swimming in the sea,
your gracefulness with words is clear to me.

Dinner is over and it weren’t so bad . . .
In fact, it’s the best dinner today that I’ve had!

The Buckeyes are ready to put on a show.
There’s a wooter in OH who’ll be watching, I know!

The national championship’s now on the line;
Uncork that bottle and pour her some wine!

I hope this thread won’t fall from sight.
And on that note, I’ll say goodnight.

If the cork goes a-fly’n like our good friend’s,
then there’s enough bubbles inside to give you the bends.

I need to bump this
So Gman don’t grump it.

(it is all I could think of)

The Gators came ready, to Ohio State’s surprise
Ace will be saddened by the Buckeyes’ demise…

though I have abandoned my flashing light
woot may show it throughout the night

Roses are red, violets are blue
It’s a thread I have no talent to do

Roses are red, violets are blue
Sugar is sweet, and so is my poo.