LG C9 4K Smart OLED TV + AI ThinQ

LG C9 4K Smart OLED TV + AI ThinQ

This is probably the fairest deal I’ve see from woot for the 65”, particularly the C9. The 77” is still higher than you can find it for new if you are patient.

Oled is gorgeous though.

Buyer beware. There’s a higher failure rate than normal for this TV. The one I got had no working HDMI ports, and returning it was a huge hassle

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I purchased my 65" refurb from Amazon two years ago. PERFECT condition. I would not buy anything other than an OLED; there is NO better picture on the market.

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In short, the TV that was sent to me almost gravely injured my child!
You can see the issues I’ll articulate below in pictures and video here:
Woot LG C9 Arrived With Bent Speaker Reflector & Unweighted Base

We received the LG C9 today. While unpacking I noted that the included pedestal base appeared to be heavily scratched and gouged. Since this part faces rearward, its cosmetic condition did not bother me. However later in the set-up process I ran into a clearance problem with the speaker reflector panel. It was then that I noticed it was bent. Please note, it is clear this damage DID NOT occur during shipping. The packaging was intact and all parts well padded. The damaged piece is solid metal. TV panel damaged would have occurred long before this piece could bend. The most likely scenario is neither the base or speaker reflector were QC’d and put in the box with a bend in it.

The bend created a tolerance problem with the bottom of the TV panel which prevented the base from attaching its four screws securely to the back of the TV. I elected to remove the part temporarily as it would be the only way to secure the TV so that at a minimum I could perform a power and function test.

After attaching the base and placing the TV on my console, when I removed my hand to plug it in, the panel immediately began to tip, lean and then fall forward! Luckily I caught the TV in half fall with my child standing in front of it!!! I moved him back and righted the TV. Yet, no matter how many times I attempted to keep the TV perpendicular, the result was the same - if I removed my hand, it would lean then fall forward onto the screen. I knew something was wrong. I took the TV back down and removed the base for inspection. The base was flat but its mass felt far too light for a TV of this size. I put the base on my luggage scale and to my shock it weighed only ~5lbs! I called LG and they told me the stand for this TV should weigh in the 9-10lbs range. I have not tested if the TV works and the panel is good because I can’t plug it in - and I can’t plug it in because I cannot get the TV to sit still for more than a second before it tips over.

Clearly, something is not up to snuff with the QC before sending these B-Stock TVs back out for resale and someone is simply throwing parts in a box, packaging it up and sending it out to customers even if they are completely unsafe and a 45lbs dead weight hazard. The link above has photos and video of the described issues in case you got this far and missed it. Not sure if this a LG issue, which I doubt, or a Woot Warehoue issue, which is most likely, but it is absolutely the height of abhorrent irresponsibility to send out a 40lbs TV with a 5lbs stand and parts so clearly bent!

Oh no!! That sounds real bad! Have you contacted woot yet? If not, you can’t contact them From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form . In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Hi. Yes, William. I sent an email to them just prior to writing this. There’s no 800# so we will have to do the back and forth email communication chain. Which is fine. At least everything will be clear and documented.

I did receive a reply this morning and was presented three options:

a) Repair credit - but I doubt these parts can be repaired. They’ll need to be replaced.

b) Wait 5 days while they check with the vendor to see if they can replace it because they have “low inventory” - which I find hilarious because if I wanted to I could purchase as many as 10 TVs from this offer page. Not sure how 10+ is “low inventory”

c) Return it. Obviously the final option if all other solutions do not work. But I don’t feel that is necessary at this juncture and plus I don’t want to lug a 55lbs box down 4 flights just yet after having brought it up 4 flights, disconnecting my old TV, and it.

Sidenote: They send these TVs in plain, unmarked, brown boxes (not the pretty retail ones) with plenty of form cut foam inside for protection. The TV is isolated and well protected, HOWEVER, unlike the retail box the brown box has no hand holds or cutouts for your fingers!
So a warning, be careful. Your box will be a heavy 55lb oblong slab without hand cutouts which makes it awkward to carry and the cardboard is slick. Gloves with silicone grip regions are highly recommend!

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They should be very helpful. Alert them that they are selling the item still and maybe that’ll expedite the process. You might even get a coupon for a future purchase out of this. Good luck!

Did just that in my reply. Even posted the link to this offer page.
I’ll work under the assumption the agent who responded didn’t check the full inventory and only relied on the expired offer page.

To her credit, she was highly apologetic in her reply and seem sincere in getting this resolved.

Hoping that we don’t arrive at station where the only solution is a full refund and return. I really wanted an OLED panel TV but needed prices to come way down from where they launched 2 years ago. And in particular wanted this model since, with the exception of ATSC 3.0, it already incorporates all the future proofed technologies and connections (eARC, HDMI 2.1, WiSA, etc.) that will come out in the next year which 90% of the TVs on the market currently do not.

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Don’t give up. They’ll help you. And a manager might step in

Hi there. Let me check in with CS.

I was trying to be helpful. Did I do good?

Hi there TT. Customer Service emailed me this morning. I don’t want to write their name here publicly in the forum since it appears to be an actual name, and not a SN. Redacted, it is A* * *a. You can follow up with them for details.

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Got a bad luck on this 55’’ LG C9 - powers off by itself and displays vertical green stripes on the screen

Called LG, they recommended returning the unit due to being defective. Okay.
Requested replacement from Woot.

That is unacceptable! Woot says a “trusted third party” is testing and certifying these units before they are re-offered. Based on your experience and mine (I couldn’t even get to the power up stage), I find this claim highly dubious.

Also, good luck on the return. It took Woot less than 10 seconds to charge my card and take my moment. I notified them 72 hours ago that I have little faith or confidence in the TV. I want to return it. Begin the RMA process and send me instructions.

So far - nothing. I have a 70” box occupy my living room waiting to go back to its home.

10 seconds for payment.
But when you want to turn defective goods, you’ll get a different person every time via email, no number to call, and >24 hours before return instructions are provided … and counting.

I think going forward I’ll stay away from Woot for big ticket items. Sub-$200 is their sweet spot.

I just picked a random order, clicked “I Need Help” → “I wanna cancel or return some stuff.” → “I want to return the items I ordered.” → selected which item I want to return, and saw a button on the screen which says “Call Us”, which led me to this page.

If somebody is around to man the phone, that option becomes available. I agree, however, that not having the option always available is annoying, but sadly (for consumers), many eCommerce websites don’t always have a phone number to call, so as to save costs in that area, which is also true of Woot, even though it was launched in 2004, and was purchased by Amazon in 2010.

Ack, I’m sorry about that. It doesn’t take much in shipment for them to get damaged and UPS hires quite a few HULK SMASH delivery people. Woot CS will take care of you.

Actually, my wife was at home and she HEARD the package being dropped (off). The UPS driver didn’t care about this 60 lb package, not that the package was marked as TV or even FRAGILE or this side up, or anything. Now waiting for Woot to contact the vendor for replacement availability.

I was aware Amazon is now Woot’s owner - which is why I was disappointed. Dealing w/Amazon is fast and easy, and you can always call someone should the scenario be complicated or non-standard, as was my case. At the time I still wanted the TV but I needed the properly weighted pedestal base and an unbent reflector bar (again, how does QC not see this before putting it back in the box - unless of course, they never QC’d it).

I was working directly through Customer Service via email as this was the only radio button for this variety of problem, and preferred to keep the chain of continuity.

I’ve found the return radio button on the page. HILARIOUS! Nothing like your page. It as if everyone is shown something different. I never received an opportunity to speak with someone or call (it’s Monday ~9am). It sent me directly to a return confirmation page along with emailed instructions.

Hi there. The phone option is presented when it is staffed/available. Our CS responds quickly to emails or you can use the self-serve option in many cases.