Lodge Cookware: Iron Pan 3

Let’s start you off with some cornbread.

No WOOT skillet! So, disappointed

I need one of the silicone handle things, but Amazon’s got them for $6.50 + free shipping. Meh.

This item on Amazon is $25 with free shipping! comes out to the be same here as well…$20+$5 shipping! This is not a WOOT!

Disappointing sale. Amazon has the 5 quart dutch oven (http://www.amazon.com/Lodge-Logic-5-Quart-Pre-Seasoned-Dutch/dp/B00006JSUF/ref=sr_1_6?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1348501408&sr=1-6&keywords=L8DO3) listed at $33.97, and with free shipping it’s $13 (or ~28%) cheaper. Where’s the love Woot???

Hmm, on a positive note, anyone have any good methods of seasoning cast iron? I’ve always just rubbed everything down with canola oil and salt when i was done rinsing out the skillet.

I love lodge cast iron, but these are un-deals, just like last time they had them.

In case you’re lazy, in almost every case, you can buy the EXACT SAME ITEM from amazon for the same price or cheaper once you’ve paid for shipping. So in just a few months, woot has gone from incompetent web designers to incompetent t-shirt printers to now incompetent procurement people. Say what you will, woot is running with this new theme. I’m not sure fecklessness is a good business plan, but hey it’s not my site.


^$78 on woot $62 on amazon

I’ve had pretty good luck with the the method shown

It takes a while, but I think it is worth it. I would do at least 10 coats on a stripped pan rather than the recommended 6 or 7.

Nom Nom Paleo has a great pictorial how-to (and great recipes).

Will I ruin one of these if I use it on the grill? I like the idea of using the the little side-dish one to put on the grill and cook/warm mushrooms, onions, butter, etc, but will this just destroy the cash iron?

I love my iron skillets. I have one that is over 40 years old and this is how I season it.
I make sure it is clean and dry, then I turn my oven to 350 while I rub solid shortening all over the skillet with a paper towel. I put it into the oven (middle rack) and let it bake for 45 minutes to an hour, then turn off the oven and just let it cool as the oven cools unless you need the oven for something else.
Hints to use if you want your skillet last over 40 years

#1. NEVER put your iron pans/skillets in a dishwasher.

#2. NEVER leave it soaking in water.

#3. You only need to re-season your iron pots/skillets once every 2 months.

#4. I use a coppper scrubbing pad if anything sticks in the skillet.

My family loves potatoes and I always fry them in my iron skillet. I pop popcorn and bake cornbread in it and it is great to fry any meat in.

Can you tell that I love iron pots and skillets? Any pan that lasts over 40 years will get my vote. I use my skillet at least 2 times in a week (at times I use it 4 times a week).

I have 5 iron skillets and I love them!

Grill away. To strip it to bare metal, I ran my cast iron skillet through the cleaning cycle on my oven which gets to 800-900 degrees which is more than most commercially available grills can achieve. If you leave on a really hot grill for a really long time, you may have to reseason it afterward though. Regular use on a grill should be no problem.

My biggest concern was because the description says to heat it up very slowly. When I heat my grill I just crank it to high to burn off any of the prior grillings remaining scraps, so wasn’t sure how to handle the cast iron from that aspect. I should probably at least let it warm up with the grill, rather than putting on after the grill is hot, right?

Bad price on the steel pan. Got the same exact pan recently at a different cheap crap site for $33 with free shipping. Here it’s $35 plus shipping. I feel very unWooted, or Wootless or something like that.

I looked at her method, and upped it a notch or 2. I was able to find walnut oil, (another drying oil) at work for cheap. Works just as good. The Woot! 12 inch skillet I got, and use, is MIRROR smooth. (The other one, is just as shipped.)

I also got a 12 inch DEEP skillet, and it is also mirror smooth.

One other thing I do, is, during the seasoning/buildup process, I sand the bottom and sides, with a pumice grill stone. It takes off the high spots, and the walnut oil fills in the low spots. The restaurant supply store across the street from me, has grill stones for 99 cents. I got a FEW!

Nonstick my (well, my brother’s) grandkids can use!


5? I’ve got 5, 12 inch skillets. (Well, only 4.)

I’ve got about 400 pounds of Cast Iron. Most of it from Tennessee. (A little from China. Sorry!)

The rest of this, FOLLOW!

Don’t let your Cast Iron even SEE a dishwasher!

Yes, I miss the “!” (or i) on some Cast Iron here, too!


Probably the best way to UNseason a Cast Iron pot. My oven doesn’t have a cleaning cycle, but my Weber BBQ kettle does.

THIS IS THE ONLY TIME to use soap on cast iron. AFTER burning it clean, either in the oven, or a campfire, scour it spotless, using soap and water. Rinse it WELL! Put it on the stove burner, and dry it off.
Now, oil it LIGHTLY, while it is still hot, (take PROTECTION!) and then bake it at 350 to 400 degrees, until it stops smoking.

You’ve just given it it’s FIRST coat of seasoning. Do a few more.

Take care of Cast Iron, and your kid’s grandkids can use it


I cannot believe I found the panini press that fits my square grill lodge pan. Thanks woot!

Wow. Good find. This is much more damaging to Woot than I think they realize. I’ve always just assumed that any Woot deal was at least as good as I would find in a reasonable amount of time. But now I can’t do that. That trust is broken. Maybe I was naive before, but that trust was not so easy to acquire. Not nearly as easy as it was to throw it away.