In the winter months, my husband and I run a cool mist humidifier in the bedroom pretty much 24/7 because we have forced hot air heating (from the ceiling). (Dry skin, dry throat…you know what I mean.)

Does anyone have a recommendation for a QUIET cool mist humidifier? Warm mist won’t meet our needs.

We have been through several models. Most of them are quite noisy, but we get use to the sound eventually, but it would be nice to know if anyone has a quiet humidifier. A larger gallon water tank would also be required.

If you know your brand, please also include the model. Thank you for your help in advance.


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Never used one. Sorry.


Thanks for the response, Tall.

Maybe there are other “fragile flowers” out there…


This one sounds good…

"ideal for someone who…

  • Needs a portable, single room cool mist humidifier for moisturizing dry air in adjacent rooms in the home or office for up to 1200 sq. ft.

  • Wants to use an integrated digital humidistat control to set the humidity level you prefer. The humidifier will automatically turn on and off to maintain your desired humdity level.

  • Wants to humidify up to 4 gallons in a 24 hour period without a tank refill

  • Wants a quiet humidifier that uses evaporative wicking action - a natural process of evaporation that is ideal for producing a minimum of noise

  • Wants relief from a dry environment - for irritated skin and nasal passages, chapped lips, parched throat, itchy eyes, or static electricity

  • Wants an easy to fill and clean (dishwasher safe) humidifier tank and easy to change humidifier filter

  • Wants a durable humidifier with a 3 year warranty"


No idea, I bought a cheap evaporative humidifier when I was sick in college for like 20 bucks. It did the job fine… I’m not exactly the humidifier connoisseur you’re looking for.


Thanks. I think I need something larger. I swear, I’m not all that picky. I am wondering if there are others out there with forced hot air that run a humidifier & what they use & if they like it.


I too use an evaporator style humidifier with a 5 gallon tank. It’s quiet and the humidistat and fan speed are adjustable. It’s a Kenmore and has been running during heating seasons without any issues for about 10 years.


Hmmm…never thought aboout Sears…much closer than BJ’s.


I remember those evaporative humidifiers…heh…and they still are available in the faux wood grain pattern, it seems. I think I will go to Sears…not promising to come home with the faux wood thingy, but keeping an open mind…


Don’t forget to pick up a box of the tablets that you add to the tank when you fill it. They keep “things” from growing in the water, and keep the mineral deposits from clogging the belt. (I’m not sure what’s in them, but I presume it includes your old friend chlorine …)


What is forced hot air?




Well, I just wanted to let you know the crisis has been temporarily averted.

I purchased this dude from Sears.

I also bought winter wipers for the car & the truck as I needed new ones.


Usually natural gas or oil heater with a blower to push the air through the ducting . . .


Even though the review said:



There were plenty of replacement filters…I bought an extra because I saw the review. If it turns out not to work the way I want, I’ll return it. I’ve never had a problem with them taking stuff back.

So far (I have it on), it is quiet enough to sleep through & air quality is much better.

I’m just struggling whether to put it on 35 or 40. The book recommends 35, but I always kick things up a notch.


When we had forced hot air, there was a humidifier attached to the unit.


when we had that kind of heat, we had a humidifier that was part of the furnace (Reem). worked really well. The air was humid when it came to the room, already.