Losev Men's Dress Shirts

Welp, I’m officially too fat for these shirts…

Anyone have these shirts? Not having much luck finding them anywhere else to compare quality or price. Wondering about sheen or thread count or however they measure the density of the weave.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

Anyone have any idea as to the neck sizes or where to find them? XL might fit my swollen waistline, but my swollen head? I’d want to know before buying…

Specs tab on product page.

This brand only seems to show up on discount sites, so buyer beware.

“What do you mean, you only have two arms? We gave you free extra sleeve!”

Poly cotton blend and letter sizes rather than proper sleeve and neck sizes. Both major warning flags if you’re looking for a decent shirt. Probably about the same as any other $16 shirt from JC Penny or whatnot.

I’d be wary of these. It looks as though wearing them makes the model become a very angry little man. Or perhaps the wearing of these shirts fails to take the natural aggression out of the wearer?