Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Bought a medium density 10" PuraSleep Serenity gel queen size from WOOT in May 2017. It felt so firm initially that I bought a 3" gel topper to add some plushness. However, being my 1st foam mattress, I didn’t realize how much it would “soften” over time. And even though I rotate it a few times per year, it now feels very plush. Even though it’s comfortable, it has quite a bit more “give” than I’d prefer. Don’t know if this mattress (or all foam mattresses) will respond this way to 2 or 3 years of use but thought I’d mention as a consideration to 1st time foam buyers.


Does anyone know what brand mattress this is?

Future Foam.

My son and I both have this mattress in “medium”. We’re both pleased with them. We rotate them regularly and haven’t had any issues.

We also bought the Serenity for ourselves in September 2016 (CalKing) and then another (twin) for our kiddo’s first regular bed in December 2016 and then another (King) in February 2017 for my dad because he liked the ones we had so well. I haven’t asked my dad how his is holding up but ours is definitely showing signs of wear - definite softening/indentation in the spots we settle into each night. The kiddo’s doesn’t show much of anything but kiddo also weighs less than 60lbs and was even less when use started 3+ years ago. For the first year, we rotated ours quarterly and now do biannually as I think that was the recommendation when we got them.

Before purchasing, I’d done a lot of researching and we’d even tried a $2000 Tempurpedic which we returned during the trial period. Everything I read indicated that the usable lifespan is closer to 6 years than the ~8-10 that most of the manufacturer’s indicate. So, based on our similar experiences and knowing that we’re likely about halfway through the true life of the mattresses, I’d say this is pretty standard of foam mattresses. In another few years when ours is getting really sad, we will happily order another foam mattress from here. The price of our PuraSleep was nearly 1/7 the Tempurpedic ($300 in 2016 vs $2000) so even if it lasts a few years less, we feel it was worth it, especially since the Tempurpedic had terrible off gassing (the PuraSleep was practically unnoticeable in comparison) and was very uncomfortable.

Any chance Woot will ever sell Twin XL sized memory foam mattresses? My sons each want one, but they are both over 6 feet tall and need the extra long twin mattresses. #TallPeopleProblems

Heh. My 6’5" son sleeps on a queen for that reason. I’ll pass your request along.

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I’m a mattress dummy. Could this go on an adjustable base bad?

I’m a heavier (240-ish lb) side sleeper… would the medium firmness work best for me? Would this mattress hold up to my weight?

Per the vendor, it can be used with an adjustable bed

Per the vendor, Medium would be perfect for the side sleeper.

PS: I’m a side sleeper and I have the medium. I love it.

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I would love to invest in one of these but without testing it in person I’d have to take a hard pass.