Masterbuilt Analog Electric Smoker, 30-Inch

Masterbuilt Analog Electric Smoker, 30-Inch
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I have this smoker.
I really like it - It makes amazing food with little work.

I bought it back in 2013 off of QVC - the only thing I ever purchased off TV.

Did Thanksgiving last year - turkey was not dry, everyone complimented us on how good it was.

Great price on a great smoker… Maybe I need a second one…

How the hell does it smoke?

The photos were taken with the front door open. Smoking would be done with the door closed. There is a tray above the heating element for wood chips to create the smoke.

How does it perform as a general use oven without the chips? What if you just want to bake bread? of pies? or…

Hello guys! Does this work with european electricity (240V & 50Hz)??

I have one of these and I love it. Mines a slightly fancier model with a digital thermostat, but otherwise identical.

These work really great and make great food. I use mine to make pulled pork bbq, smoked turkey, brisket, smoked salmon, cheese, beef jerky, and bacon.

A few tips I’d like to share:

  1. IMPORTANT! Get a spare heating element. The elements in these things last maybe 2 years even with light usage, and naturally they will go out at the most inopportune times. You don’t want to be inviting friends over for smoked goodies and have the element die on you. You can buy spare elements for about $20 and they can be swapped out in 30 minutes. The elements aren’t readily available in stores that I have seen, I had to call Masterbuilt to get my replacement one.

  2. If smoking things that require lower smoking temps, and it’s summertime, find a shady spot for the smoker (or use it at nighttime). Sitting this in direct sunlight during warmer temps will heat up the box to the point where the element may not come on, and if the element doesn’t come on, you get no smoke. They do make a cold smoking attachment for 60-ish bucks but I haven’t tried one of those yet.

  3. To the person who wants to use this as an oven… I suppose it’s possible but I know mine won’t go over 275 degrees. This one may go a little hotter, but you won’t have very precise control on temps. Even my digital thermostat controlled one fluctuates +/- 10 degrees while cooking.

  4. Smoke turkeys for thanksgiving. They taste wonderful and will be juicy with minimal effort. I’d say its better than frying them because you don’t have to spend $30-40 on oil. This will hold a 15-16 pound turkey, don’t think I’d try to go any bigger than that.

Why an electric smoker?

Constant heat, no fire fiddling, no charcoal.

Why masterbuilt? Insulated a problem in other smokers. You can operate at a wider range of outdoor temps with consistent results.

Hoping my wife OKs this one.

Where do you store this? Outside? If so, do you use a cover?

I have a GrillDome (a competitor to BigGreenEgg), but it’s not great at actual smoking, unless you buy a controlled fan, but those are $300+.

How long per pound do you let it run? Rough estimate of course.

Does anyone know if the heating elements are still available? I can’t tell from the Masterbuilt website if this is a close out model. If it is no replacement parts will be available which means this will be a throw away. Better off buying the new model for $50 bucks more.

Simply a FANTASTIC product-I am “considering” buying a second one at this price. Simple to use, great results and durable. Smoking ELECTRIC is the way to go-no propane to fill and you get the same great final product. If you buy this to smoke the occasional chicken you’ll be happy-John McLemore (Masterbuilt CEO) has written several cookbooks with great smoking ideas. By the way, I’ve had mine for YEARS and have had absolutely no issue with the heating element whatsoever, and this has a controllable thermostat which can easily hit temperatures of 500 degrees-you can definitely use this outside as an “oven”, as another poster asked (however, keep in mind that once you start smoking with it via chips it “seasons” and your food will take on a smokey flavor even without chips). Soak your chips for about an hour before use to get longer burn/smoke time…you’ll LOVE this product.

At 1500 watts could a 50-foot extension cord be used safely?

Plan on ~30 min per pound, @ 250°

I’ve had 1 of these (older model) for several years now. Still running without any issues. It’s stored on my lanai, which is under truss/roof, outside with a cover year round. Invest in a remote probe thermometer to keep having to open the door as much, to prevent heat loss. You will not get the “bark” on your meats like a wood fired smoker you see on the Food Network, but the convenience of this makes up for it.

As usual the answer is, it depends. For 120Volts, 1500 watts = 12.5 amps. From this siteyou would need a 14ga extension cord to run 12.5 amps. If you were using a smaller extension cord it could over heat and cause a fire. Contact an electrician for exact configurations.

I’m on my 2nd gas version of one of these. Can’t go wrong with one. Upright smokers are soooo easy to maintain, cook with and tend. They hold a LOT of food. Mine was about this size, and I just recently upgraded to a much larger version (still gas).

Smoking in them in a snap. Just set the temp and forget it for the most part. You will then just come out once in a while (every 45ish mins for me) and dump the ash and put new chips in the pan.

Also, with all the big cooker brands doing bagged chips now, it’s making it easier to find various types of wood other than the norm. Both Weber and Charbroil have a multitude of woods now at the big box stores. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a ritzy grill store around, shop their wood chip selection.

I’ll be doing the Easter ham (along with lots of other things I can stuff in the smoker for food the entire next week) in mine this weekend.

No Charcoal/Wood not as much flavor. I have a Electric and a Wood Smoker. Trust me, a charcoal/wood gives such a better flavor to the meat. The electric does good to learn to smoke or a starter kit in a way, but then you will want to upgrade. Also good if in a place that doesn’t allow Charcoal/Wood types.

Another good idea that I do with the electric, is after you smoke it on charcoal, and (if you wrap the meat) then you can transfer to the electric to finish. This way you get your hours of “smoke” from the charcoal/wood smoker, then wrap and move to the electric to finish. This depends if I am going to wrap. I also use it for parties as a holding oven for food.

So many great uses for the electric other than just smoking. They hold the temps really good.

LOL. Thanks. I kinda figured on a “Depends” answer. They’re real but, always crappy – just like their counterparts. Appreciate the help, though!

Ugh I want a smoker so badly! Is this one a good investment or would I be better off saving up and getting a Bradley?

I need to go electric because a coal/wood smoker is impractical for my living arrangements.