Mens Short Sleeve Henley Hoodie

I have read these run small in the arms and short in the length after washing. Has anyone purchased before and how much do they shrink after washing? Thanks.

Curious about this. If they shrink up they might be better for me to wear. Ordering a couple for myself even though I’m not a dude. They look perfect for walking the dog on hot, rainy Midwest days.

Dafuqs up with these sizes? Are these sized for boys? …dogs?

Chest Length
S 20 28
M 21 29
L 22 30
XL 23 31
XXL 24 32

So if you workout don’t by these?

Also these must not be made for men because even Size small slimfit shirts for men are bigger than these larges.

I’ve read in other places this company’s clothing for men fit boys better. I was planning on purchasing for some pre-teen nephews of mine, but the vertical shrinking complaint I keep seeing has me holding off.

Allow me to clarify, these measurements are lay flat measurements , so if a small is 20 inches across the chest on one side it means it is 40 inches in circumference, these are modern fit specs, these are not boys sizes. They are adult modern fit sizes, if you want a loose fit just buy one size up.