Fearsome Foursome


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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This shirt was designed by: Erik Kreik, sometimes known as “the dyslexic’s palindrome.”


It’s horrifically delicious!

Nicely done. Looks great on the brown tee!

International shipping???
Woot = Awesome!

Interesting characters

Congrats to the artist, im not into the tribal feel though.

this shirt is cool as hell. and i’m on a self-imposed shirt hiatus since i have so many. this is testing my will though. dammit!

The chin on the second one really creeps me out.

edit: or is that a nose??

those guys are sort of ugly (in a good way) :open_mouth:

I’d get it if the second guy weren’t gross.

(Edit: or maybe if they were all gross.)

I like it but don’t want to scare the children…until tomorrow me and my 420 other shirts will just have to wait for tomorrow to see what if any coolness T’s show up.

It does amaze me that comments that are anything but flattering disappear in a flash. Apparently constructive criticism is not allowed. On a side note, the 2nd dude is going to give me nightmares, a little too black lagoonish for my tastes.

it seems like there should be more

oh, its only canada.

I am oddly attracted to this. But agree that the second guy is just a bit too… oogy.

Heck, I don’t have to look at him! I think this one is going to challenge my will.

Interesting, but not for me. Very simple also, but monsters and me don’t see eye to eye, haha.

Funny design, but not my style. The way they are looking at you is creepy. How about some little bunnies and kittens instead?

i didn’t know bowser was part of the fearsome foursome.

but with gas prices at an all time high and turbulence in the middle east…

They’re not original characters; they’re Japanese TV show baddies (Godzilla, ?, Baltan, ?). Or is that a trade secret I’m not supposed to disclose?