On the Prowl


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Thats really cool, hopefully in for one :smiley: congrats to the designer!

I like this design.

oo very nice. grats.

hmm idk tempting

this won!?
guess it still is one line

VERY impressive! Grats!

I’m so glad this won. Technically it’s amazing and a great design.

Congrats on first place you two! What a beautiful design for just one line. In for 1

grats on the print, not excited at all about it though. on asphalt makes it even worse

Interesting that Woot didn’t link any of sekiyoku’s or ramyb’s still-purchaseable shirts. :tongue:

I knew this shirt would win. great shirt. I love Ramyb!!

I just bought Grim optimism and am trying to decide whether or not to buy the fishies

I love your designs keep up the good work!!!

Duude, this is a way awesome shirt. I may get one. Congrats to the designer!

I thought so, too.

This shit is actually pretty tight! Well, not tight but good looking… you know what I mean doggonit.

one line… cool.

That makes 3…

first derby in a while where all shirts are pretty badass

really like the shirt, but I don’t think I’ll purchase it

the phoenix is probably the only one I’d buy, but still, this is pretty cool

Nice shirt!

Surprised Adder (the douchecritic) hasn’t tried to explain to everyone why this shirt sucks.