Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top 16 oz. Srirachatail Shaker

Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top 16 oz. Cocktail Shaker
$19.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Shaken not Stirred
PRODUCT: 1 Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker - 16 fl. Oz.

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can i use this as a coffee thermos

Better put some pot holders on, it doesn’t look insulated…

NEVERMIND, website says double-walled. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s the same price at (after $5 shipping).

This is the first time I’ve ever been the first to notice and comment on a typo in the description :slight_smile:


(the typo is “fell” I just added the period to the word c.ocktail because of Woot’s goofy filter"

Um yeah…thanks for the discount!

B b b b but what about frozen drinks?

And if you squint really hard, you can see @wootlive standing there naked, taking a picture.

It’s 5-cents less than $25, so you’d have to pay for shipping at Amazon, but still not THAT MUCH of a savings…

I have one of these and it is pretty win. I’d be in for one if I didn’t already have one. Who knows, I may still be in for one…can’t have too many, uh, srirachatails…

This is on my wedding registry already. Who’s buying it for me? :happy:

why pay 24.95 on amazon for the 16 ounce one when you can pay $23.46 for the 24 ounce one on amazon?

YouTube video

It’s more at BB&B.

However, BB&B has those $10 off $30 which makes it $23 with tax from the store, also beating woot’s deal

Plus free shipping with Prime if you’re a student which can be had via this deal which was posted by some super good looking guy.

maybe because of the different brand?

edit: I guess that’s what you get when you search for “rabbit” cocktail shaker thingy. okay, maybe the terrible reviews?

It’s the same.

Or if you don’t mind gunmetal gray as opposed to the stainless, you can have it for only $16.16

This may be one of the worst woot deals I can recall seeing. Numerous better deals found within seconds…this is atypical

yes, I see that now. (see above).