Metrokane Rabbit Flip-Top 16 oz. Srirachatail Shaker

The gunmetal grey is plastic, the stainless steel is…stainless steel.

True. I would buy stainless, just wanted to point out the availability. Regardless though, I am not a fan of this style with the flip top. I prefer the old school, like this.

Don’t want to parrot just what’s being said above about this being an atypically bad discount from woot but it seems like this is also overpriced to begin with.

Maybe it has something to do with using unnecessary materials to double wall a shaker that doesn’t really need to be double walled. The only reason I can think of needing to not feel the chill is if you’re actually keeping the shaker frozen in which case with this you could easily use a towel to insulate your hand, especially since this has an “easy to use” design.

The only time I break out the cocktail shaker is when I’m playing bartender… and this is definitely too small to service 4+ people (that’s right, i went there)

Dagnabit! I wanted the last wine offer and didn’t get my order in. These 5 offers per week are throwing me off…

I almost missed out too, gotta get the iPhone app, it saved me :slight_smile:

Pretty poor reviews as well on Amazon. I’m gonna have to pass.

Or you could add this to your cart for .19 and get free shipping

I have one of these, and in general find it to be a better shaker than most. The only problem is that the pulp of lemons/limes often gets hung up in the strainer. Still would recommend it.

Will it work for scrambled eggs?


I bought this for a friend using the 20% coupon from BB and Beyond and it was the same price. I was not overly impressed with the shaker itself. It’s difficult to clean lime pulp from the strainer part.

I have this item. It’s pretty good, though the top is tough to wash so I end up soaking it to get it clean.

Aww sweet! This is going to be a good Christmas present for my mom.

Isn’t this plastic on the inside?

who cares if its stainless on the outside if it’s not on the inside?

One word - leaky. Pass.

Free Amazon shipping with Prime. OR use one of those w00t discount codes that seem to be piling up to get the w00t price down.

Can we get some more coffee or tea on here? I hear some of us like that stuff.

Not much of a deal. I get free shipping at Amazon.

I expect woot to provide unbeatable deals on stuff. Deeply discounted. This isn’t even temping.

It’s CHEAPER at Amazon with free shipping.

Frankly, I’m glad for a break from the daily woot- those things are draining my bank account!