Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for PC

Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for PC

Here we go again…


Just want to make sure this is a lifetime license. I already bought it but will return it if its not.

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This listing is, the ones that are for Office 365 aren’t


This says Professional but only shows 4 apps. I want to be assured it also comes with Publisher.





is this tied to a PC or to an account? As in, if I buy a new laptop in a year do I need to rebuy office?


Is this a lifetime lic. or do you have to renew =every year/

Anyone else having trouble redeeming the product key they were sent? I tried first,, and then :// Neither recognize the keys sent as tracking numbers.

Did you follow the direction linked in the features.

The download link for office 2021 doesn’t open and it doesn’t work when I copy and paste it into a browser tab either. I went to the to redeem and the Token ID provided as the tracking number was “Token Not Found.” I have asked for a refund (again). THis is the second time I have tried purchasing. Recommend not purchasing through Woot, but go directly to microsoft and buy it from there.

I think the code might be activated inside the software itself. The download link works for me . After installing open Word and then enter the code when prompted

That’s the download link. Then mount the iso and run the setup file. Install then Open word and enter the key

Also I’m sure customer service will get back to you eventually. Give em at least a business day or two. It is the weekend lol


Ah ha, sorry I missed that link on the product page. Thank you!

Followed the instructions and it worked for me.

Also, it was professional plus - so had one note and something else included! Bonus.


They sent me a code that MS Word said had been used too many times to activate and it wouldn’t let me activate automatically. Had to use their phone support and enter several codes to get it working, ultimately.

instead of copying/pasting the link, right click and choose “Save Link As” (verbiage may vary by browser) and save the file to your desktop - it’ll be easier to find/mount from there… Once mounted/installed open Word and it’ll directly ask you for the key and BOOM! It is unorthodox (I’ve been in IT for a long time and have only installed Office this way like… twice, and I’ve installed Office a LOT) but it works. Happy to answer any questions you have here if you want to get it to work, it’s a good deal to not have to deal with Libre Office or any of the freebies.


I just bought it the other day and installed it yesterday, can confirm publisher in this package.

You’ll likely need to uninstall it from the first computer then install it on the second - sometimes MS gets weird about moving software but you can open a chat with them and promise your biggest promise you aren’t using it on another machine and they get it going.