Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Are these going to be windows 7 and 8 keys sold as windows 10 pro keys again?


I would hope not as you can no longer use the upgrade from 7/8 to 10 or 11 methods.

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Meh. It can’t be worse than the “grey-market” sellers. If it doesn’t work, I reckon I get a refund. Woot’s CSup is beyond amazing. I have never had any problem with them. In for one.

“Woot’s CSup is beyond amazing”???

I purchased a Win11 pro key several months back and tried to activate it and it would not take. Turns out Woot sold me a Win8 key. I tried to get a refund or a legit key from them but since it was past 90 days they said there was nothing they could do. If you plan on buying this and activating down the road you had better do it within the next 90 days or else.

From customer service in regard to my issue:

Hello there ,

Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused to you regarding your order.

It is never our intention to cause inconvenience to our valued customers.

Unfortunately, since this order is older than 90 days, it puts the item out of the replacement or returnable window.

I wish I could help, but unfortunately, due to restrictions and limitations, we can’t refund or accept return of this item.

Woot Limited Warranty is valid for 90 days.

I’m very sorry that we weren’t able to meet your expectations this time around.

We didn’t intend for this to happen, and I hope you’ll give us another opportunity to prove the quality of our service to you.

I hope you understand my limitations. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Should there be any further concerns, please get back to us and we will be happy to help you.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to assist you.

Best regards,

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Woot will never get another penny from me.


This just happened to me yesterday. I tried to activate one of these (I purchased several a while ago) and it didn’t take when I tried to activate. I even called the phone activation and it hung up on me after saying the code couldn’t be activated and to contact the seller. Never could get to a person after a couple calls and trying different things. Anyway, I digress. This w7/8 key sold as an 11 pro is probably why it didn’t work.

I build computers for family and friends on a pretty regular basis, so I bought 6 over two different sales at $50(!) thinking I was getting a good deal. 5 are probably trash now…


Echoing the comments above. Woot! is unwilling to help or refund licenses that do not activate.

So it’s Woot’s fault that you waited past the warranty to try to use it? I see. I get stocking up, but maybe, not for software.

I bought this digital license from woot in about february of 2023. I stocked up a few. in November I used one I HAD NOT USED BEFORE as I copy and paste the key into an inventory tracker. I built a new system, i used one of the keys, and after installing windows I went to the Activation and it said it could not activate. did all the troubleshooting, no help. in the comments of that item woot suggests to run some “slui 4” command to try and get the screen that allows you to call in the product code, but that command also doesnt work. I even reinstalled, and tried again, still would not activate. I contacted woot, after a few days they replied that it was after woots 30 day period since i purchased, and after the 90 day period for the vendor since i purchased. they said i’d have to contat the manufacture or the seller and thats all they could offer. I replied asking who was the seller and they did not respond.
the error was: can not use this key for this windows

The item i purchased is here: Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 Pro (Your Choice)

If Woot had sold what they described this would not be an issue. Several people like myself buy Win keys for future builds and won’t need to activate them for several months out. What they are doing is fraud.


It’s comical that anyone is so quick to defend woot on this topic and make so many bad assumptions when doing so.

Woot sells license keys. These license keys do not have expiration dates defined in the product description. It’s also possible for these licenses to be disabled at any time by Microsoft because they violate the terms of the license. You often see this with gray market licenses that are sold by companies who purchase in bulk and resell them against the terms and conditions outlined by Microsoft.

In my case, I purchased from woot specifically because I trusted that the licenses they acquired were legitimate, sold according the licensing terms, and that they would be able and willing to assist if something went wrong. That turned out not to be the case.

Just because you can activate a license key today doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do so in the future should you ever need to reinstall and woot clearly doesn’t care if or when that happens.


PC gaming is better and more social than ever on Windows 10, with… Mixer game broadcasting

I wish I could still stream on Mixer. Mixer sold out to Facebook, and Twitch hasn’t had any real competition since.

Twitch has started letting streamers use multiple platforms at the same time so someone can stream to YouTube and Twitch simultaneously. That may help YouTube be a more serious platform for streaming. There’s also Kick but they promote gambling so I think most people tend to not want to be associated with that.

Still selling bunk keys. Isn’t working, requesting a new key, otherwise will refund.

Anyone who purchased a key and it worked for them?

It worked for me. Apparently, I am the only one in existence that got it to work. Lucky me.

Hmmm, I love buying from Woot!, but selling something other than advertised and not being accountable for that (even outside of the return window) is an ethical problem.

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I need to rollback a bit on my earlier statement. I did not do a fresh win10 install. I cloned a hard drive from my old computer to my new computer and then used the key to reactivate. I honestly don’t remember, but the history of that OS could have actually been Windows 7. I stopped doing fresh installs that long ago, and started doing the clone/reactivate because reinstalling all my software and setting and all that jazz is a PITA. I would have purchased from M$ directly, but they stopped selling Win10 keys and Win11 is driving me nuts.

TL;DR: if these are Win7 keys, there might be some loophole that allows this key to still work in my special case.

The windows activation servers flat out reject any win 7 keys now, there isn’t a loophole to make them still work. It won’t work even if you have previously used a win 7 key and needed to reactivate with the same key after a minor hardware change.

My key didn’t work. I was offered a replacement or a refund. I chose a replacement but they came back and said that was no longer an option and issued me a refund.