Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro


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nice one today guys!


This is 1/3 the price I paid at Fry’s 2 months ago. It’s a great deal - I’m taking 1 for my office and 1 for a friend that’s been drooling over the one I have at home. Thanks, woot – keep the incredible deals coming!


So I purchased one of these keyboards…how is it going to be shipped and how can I check on the progress of my order?




we’ll get this added:

Q: What are my shipping options and how can I track my order?

A: Currently, your shipping options are limited. An item can ship if you order it, or not ship if you don’t. We will ship by common carrier and try to stick with the same service for most items. Right now, we are making Fed-Ex happy, but depending on a particular item, we could change to save cost. Regardless of shipping method, you will get a tracking email once your order ships.

***actually the tracking email isn’t automated yet in the woot code, but it will be by tomorrow. In the meantime, we will draw straws and manually send out monday and tuesdays tracking info. It sure had better be running by tomorrow because no one is going to enjoy sending 1000+ emails for these keyboard/mouse sets that are shipping today :?


Won’t let me place order. Booooooo :frowning:


but we hope to add abug reporting topic here in the community for potential compatibility issues to be discussed.

We are expanding compatibility and fixing minor bugs as they are found. Have orders flowing in so don’t think it’s mainstream problem. Feel free to list your brower version/OS so we can check out the issue. I’ll try to get a programmer to check it out if you do. Either that or have a buddy order 2 keyboards and give you one as a finders fee :wink:


Hello there!

Quick suggestion; might want to post approx shipping times at the details page… sorta like this:

You may be recieving transit time questions a lot. This (the map) is obviously useless if you state that shipping is FedeEx next-day.

My order has been placed!


In my rush to order I entered the wrong email and it may get bounced.
I have re-registered but it was too late to re-order.
Will my order be processed ?

Thank You



are your items new, used or referb.?


yes they are.


FYI: Ordered 3 and received 3 today. They are in white boxes. I will open one when I get home!


The boxes are sealed very well however when I opened one of the boxes a mouse had damage caused by a battery. Not sure how the refurb people let that go. Without a doubt not woot’s fault!


True, the box was sealed well, but my keyboard has a bunch of orange Cheetos grime around the keys…really grody. I’m content with a refurb, but cleaning away the human filth should be part of the “refurbishing” process. Not Woots fault, but they should make good on this.


My mouse doesnt work :-(. I ordered 3 of these, the remainder of the two are fine. However one of the mice doesnt work. Put in the battery and the optical lights didnt power on :-(.

I wonder how woot’s gonna respond to RMA. I guess I’ll try calling up MS first and see what they say to this.

I’ll post back. :slight_smile:



Got my Keyboard combo yesterday. Box sealed well, keyboard and mouse wrapped and in new condition inside. A few rechargeable batteries later and well, its still working this morning, No complaints for me. Except it arrived at Fedex sort last week, and sat there till yesterday and tehy went on truck for delivery. But that is Fedex’s prob, not Woots, guess they hold it to make sure it doesnt end up 2 day delivery, or else people wouldnt pay for 2 day instead of saver.

Good job Woot. :!:


Wow! I expected the worst, and it works great, not a single problem. The keyboard and mouse look brand new, so I couldn’t even tell it was refurrbished. Well, i guess i give woot a w00t!


No batteries came with mine.
Doesn’t work with Windows 98 according to the microsoft website…wish I knew that before I bought…just assumed a friggin keyboard wouldn’t have to many system requirements.



I received mine the other day and everything works great. Next time try to let us know that this is last years model which doesn’t have the tilt wheel. Other than that, good job. Thanks guys. :smiley:


My mouse works intermittently. Sometimes it works fine and suddenly it stops or reacts very slowly. Sometimes its responsiveness seems to change by itself, which makes movement jerky and uneven. If you have Microsoft’s phone number, please post it. TIA!