Momentum Smart Camera Garage Opener

Momentum Smart Camera Garage Opener

When 1 out of every 3 buyers leave 1 star reviews on Amazon you may want to avoid buying this product.

Check compatibility with your garage door opener before buying this. We got one for Christmas, set it up, and got nothing but clicks from our garage door opener. Turns out this Momentum device is not compatible with a Chamberlain MyQ gdo with the yellow teach button.

These always reminds me of the company that bricked a customer’s WiFi garage door opener after he left a bad review on Amazon. The whole story is almost funny because both the customer and company had tantrums about the issue.

And the above is why I won’t buy a connected device like a garage door opener, door lock etc.

I can’t blame the customer for having a tantrum if the company bricked his garage door opener. I’m surprised the customer didn’t sue.

Do you have a link to the source about this?

Have two of these. Had a period of time in July that the app didn’t work when a new version of android came out. Has been working well since August.

Definitely check the compatibility with your garage door opener.

Main issue I had was with the signal interfering with my car’s signal to the garage opener. I repositioned the camera away from the garage door opener and the problem went away.

I like the fact I can put a microSD card to save alerts to history. I don’t like the level of control on sound alerts. I would like to limit it to just motion, but it alerts for both if you’re monitoring at that time. Relatively minor issue because I don’t check unless it’s a motion alert.

If you just want to be able to check if your door is closed or not and be able to close it remotely, it’s great for that.

It was tantrum first, then the bricking. Really bad move on the company’s part.

Thanks for the link. I read that, and the Ars Technica one in the CNet link. While the customer wasn’t very professional or polite, his comment and review wasn’t much worse than lots of other reviews that I’ve seen. I certainly wouldn’t have called his review a “tantrum” like the CEO did. The story was also a bit misleading – the guy’s garage door opener still worked; the CEO only bricked the remote-open add-on device.

It’s still a good cautionary tale, though. I’ll make sure not to complain about my MyQ LiftMaster. :smile: