Muscardini Cellars - 3 Pack

Muscardini Cellars - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
2 2008 Tesoro
1 2009 Barbera

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Sure y’all have the ABV right on that Barbera? 24.4% sounds a wee bit high.

In the vintner voicemail, Michael says the 20% Cab is Ty Caton’s.

Darn. Kind of wish they included their Sangiovese like they did in a previous Woot. That was my favorite of the set, although that Woot came with a Syrah instead of a Barbera.

It’s 95% Barbera, 5% everclear.

14.4% on their website.

So they share more than just a tasting room…

We have enjoyed Tesoro from [slightly] older vintages and supposedly 2008 was pretty solid.

yeah, figured it was just a typo

I’d love to woot this but I can’t. SIWBM must stand, since I just emptied about 30 bottles from their shipping boxes. Maybe if I can drink enough in the next while and this comes back on a woot-off.

Michael’s wines are great. Generally the big style, but iirc it’s got the acid to back it up.

Well, the Tesoro is mostly Sangiovese.

IIRC, his Barbera is pretty good, and I’d be all over this offer if it was 2 Barbera and 1 Tesoro. Ah well, gives me more time to drink down the pile O’ Wine.

Ooh, pretty.

And the Tesoro looks like a blend I would like.

Same refrain: full closet, empty wallet, and SWMBO MBO.

another week and i’d be all over this. finally decided to step it up and play with the adults - dumping both my 30+ bottle wine fridges and picking up a 500 bottle one i found on craigslist. as it stands right now i have 7 bottles more than capacity, but in a week i’ll have PLENTY of room. :slight_smile:

Taxes to pay, full storage, too much overflow, warm weather approaching, no A/C… maybe if these were in their prime drinking window but we have way too much wine that will be “better” in just a “few” years.

Good deal. How much space does that thing occupy? What model?



Winegirl in the house - is anyone still up?

Then you are in luck. Wine won’t arrive for TWO weeks. :wink:

it’s this one:

vintage keeper vp500

Always a few of us lurkin’ around. Welcome back!