Mustache Vineyards Zin Rosé (6)

Mustache Vineyards Zin Rosé 6-Pack
Sold by: AH Wines (H-G Vineyards)
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2014 Mustache Vineyards Zin Rosé, Lodi

My first ever Grape Debater experience! Very happy to try (for the first time) a Zinfandel Rose. I’m a big fan of rose in general, being a sucker for relatively simple fruity quaffing wines.
Right off the bat, the color was interesting, to me more of a very dark orange than anything else. A very mild floral bouquet. The first sip jumped out at me with strawberry, but then the subsequent sips left a stronger and stronger impression of a dry Madeira!
With every sip there was solid acidity, very pleasant paired with spicy grilled chicken.
I saved some in the fridge with the vacuvin, but the next day all those interesting Madeira-like notes had gone. So drink up!
I was very curious to see what the price would be, and having previously decided that if it were $15 or less per bottle I would be in, I’m now in for one.

Thanks for the notes, the last thing I think of when drinking rose is Madeira, an interesting comparison.

Yes I hesitated to say that. No doubt a more experienced taster would have described it quite differently, picking out individual flavors which combined together to give me that impression. But it was a consistent one.

Thanks as we’ll for the notes. I am not very familiar with Madeira. It I recall drinking 2005 MacLean roses offered here a few years back that had a pleasant aged taste profile I really enjoyed. Can’t quite describe it but a trace of caramel or the like maybe.

Any thoughts on RS?

If it tastes like Madeira it could be oxidized?

Definitely caramel notes in there. And if oxidation had occurred to my bottle then it was serendipitous.
As soon as my order arrives I will eagerly crack open a bottle of those to see if it’s the same!
For me this was a no-brainer. Especially given the extremely generous profit-sharing with charitable causes to which the winery, or their partner Social Impact Wines anyway, has committed. In the usual scheme of things this runs at 1,2 or perhaps 5%, 10 at the very most. 50% is pretty much unheard of!

Could be everyone gets something different on the palette :slight_smile:

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