MyPillow 2PK Giza Elegance Pillow, You Pick

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MyPillow 2PK Giza Elegance Pillow, You Pick
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My Pillow User Here! I have used these pillows for 9 years, and won’t use anything else. They are incredibly comfortable and your head stays cool all night. And, they are machine washable (no softener), so you can wash out the drool and any germs you rub into them. I highly recommend.

From the commercial, I believe it’s pronounced “machine warshable”

We’ve got a Mypillow and they recommend putting it in the dryer for 15 minutes to puff it up after you unpack it (it comes compressed). Well, it’s too firm and high for us after doing that! We actually can’t sleep on it, but I use it for an arm pillow while side sleeping.

Way too high loft for me, had the worst pain in my neck ever after using one for a couple nights. Returned.

Thumbs down.

It was terrible and wasn’t comfortable at all.

I’ve been using “My Pillow” pillows for over a year and love them. I put mine in the dryer once a week to fluff them up. I think they are great. I bought the firm Premium model pillows (blue). I’m looking at these Giza pillows for someone else.

No Queens,
so I guess it wasn’t meant to be! :slight_smile:

ANYWAY…I bought the purple Giza pillows before. I never have tumbled them in my dryer. I usually start out my nights with both of them but by morning I usually just have one left under my head.

I think I’m stuck in that “more must be better” mode when it comes to pillows.

I think the standard purple would do you just fine. Give it a whirl, you can’t do any worse, right?

I normally don’t write comments but wanted Woot buyers to be aware that to this point neither Woot nor MyPillow will honor the widely advertised guarantees and risk-free trial period. So, I’ve returned the pillows directly to Mike Lindell in light of his “I personally guarantee. . .” statements. We’ll see how that turns out . . . .

Worth noting that on the MyPillow site the following is stated…

Standard/Queen - 16.5 " x 26" + 2"
King - 16.5" x 32" + 2"+

Might help for those like myself who came in looking for queen size and were disappointed.

My wife and I have two of the normal MyPillow products, and we like them quite a bit. You do have to fluff them up occasionally in the dryer, but the comfort and machine washability are great.

[QUOTE=therealjrn, post:1, topic:730004]
Who knew pillows were so controversial? I have a couple of the purple Giza pillows and I like them a lot.

Hey Real, have you by chance compared the gusseted to their normal BIG pillow? I can’t sleep on that, but this looks interesting, maybe not as high a loft.

Is there ANYTHING unique about these?

AFAIK they seem like pretty much any other decent quality shredded latex foam pillow out there.

If you don’t want your $ going to “Mike” because of politics or lacking business ethics I think there are near identical products out there to choose from.

Personally I dislike this style pillow, solid latex foam pillows are my favorite.


My purple Giza pillows are gusseted. I usually start out as a “stomach sleeper” at the beginning of the night, then I usually toss and turn until Mr. Whiskers has had enough of my shenanigans and goes to lie down on my fart-filled office chair or he curls up in a little ball at the foot of the bed.

When I wake up, usually it’s in a pool of drool, face first in it.

Yeah, it’s not pretty. Sleeping is hard work for me.

Politics aside, I’m not paying $50 for a pillow. Not when there are so many cheaper alternatives that are available that are just as good.

This whole thing smacks of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

I like mine. It’s not so amazing that it changed my life, but I think I do sleep better than my old standard pillow. The My Pillow seems to not go flat as easy. However, it does take a bit of work to get it adjusted so it’s comfy. So if you toss and turn a lot like me there are times when the pillow gets out of whack and you are never conscious enough to fix it in the middle of the night, so it stays messed up and you end up not sleeping well.

Alrighty then. Good morning. Cleaned out a lot of posts that weren’t about the pillow.

Let’s focus on those plush rectangles, pls.