NCAA Mystery Bag

NCAA Mystery Bag
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Mar 03 to Wednesday, Mar 04) + transit
Condition: New


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11/7/2014 - $14.99 - Click To See Discussion (88 comments)

Don’t take it from me, but you’re about to see a slew of comments saying this is a steal of a deal- as in, money being stolen from your wallet because this deal sucks.

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Best part if this is when everyone complains how worthless this is.

I love this deal! Got my alma mater last time. Ordered my adopted team this time. Thanks, Woot!

I dont understand why this cant be sent to a PO box. I know it isnt going to fit but the Post Office will hold it for me.

why no Villanova or Temple? Nova is only one of the best teams, but I guess that doesn’t count for anything.

Wait, I don’t see my school here. I though Woot loved me, and Amazon monitored me. What gives?

Bought Alabama and Auburn for fanatical family fans. A big hit at Christmas. There were actually some nice things in the Box. Hoping I don’t get repeats. In for 2…birthdays near.

I am so weak … maybe my fellow alums will forgive me and see it as me taking one for the team. Yet somehow I think they’d respect me more if I didn’t cave cause then they could say “See, our alums aren’t suckers!”. Whoa is me!

Unfortunately, my favorite university is not included on the list. Though I’m not surprise. The University of Texas at San Antonio isn’t exactly a major force in athletics at this time. However, I am pleased they finally have a football team.

Go Roadrunners! Fear the Beak!
(Dear, Woot. Hint! Hint!)

I have no idea what NCAA is, or why I’d want to be within 100 miles of it. How likely is it that this would be a good deal for me?

Something tells me it’s sure to include some D-Lead wipes.

Last time I received 2- baseball hats, 2 knit caps ( with a donkey on them)not the team mascot, 2 car decals, 1 money clip and 2 hair bows.

Oy, $15 for this deal or $20 for the known entity of the wildman beard hat? This is tough.


I too was mystified by this - I can’t find any explanation in the item description. Apparently, amoung other things, NCAA stands for “National Collegiate Athletic Association.” Presumably it would be fandom-related stuff, rather than actual sports equipment. Someone said they ordered it and got hats - who wears THOSE anymore?

BÒCs are getting pricey nowadays.

I got one last time and LOVED it.

My wife wanted one, but the deal had passed. Good news for her this time…