NOCO Genius G3500 or NOCO Boost XL GB50

NOCO Genius G3500 or NOCO Boost XL GB50

It is the exact same price as the Amazon price. How is this “a deal”?

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I’m not seeing the same pricing on Amazon…

It’s a good little charger, I got 4 last time. Takes overnight or a day for a really bad chargeable large battery. You can get a cigarette lighter plug adaptor from NOCO on Amazon to charge things directly thru the lighter outlet,

Note, not in the instructions here at least; don’t use the battery restore on Lithium batteries.

As with most all modern chargers, this will not charge a battery that is really discharged, say down to 6 volts from a 12v battery. To do that you need an old fashioned dumb charger that just outputs power to anything it is connected to. Or you could 'jump charge" a battery with another battery to get it up to the range where this charger would start charging it, perhaps around 9 or 10 volts.


Who remembers when Woot had real deals?


Amazon links: = $120.76 = $55.47

Woot prices seem to be better. For me. Right now. It looks like Amazon has sold these for less than Woot is selling them now.


if i’m down will it give me a boost?


Bought in a previous woot, charged it and never used it for a year. A friend had a 6 cyl truck that was dead and he borrowed this and it started right up. certainly worked in a situation when I was sure it wouldn’t.


Glad it work for some. My six cylinder truck needed a boost this didn’t work at all. I used a traditional jump start and the truck started right up. Useless.

I have a different brand, but I am sold. I used it 3 times one day on a friends car without recharging. I am impressed.

The G3500 charger -

Great price on a very smart and durable charger. Be sure to select the G3500 charger since the booster also on the front page is not as much the gem.

I have two G3500’s - an earlier model that did not have the repair or lithium battery modes… and this newer model.

Have had the older one for probably a decade and it is in constant use, doing battery maintenance off season, depending on the machine.

The best way to kill a lead acid battery is to let it discharge below 50%. Or to let a lithium battery sit on the shelf, fully discharged.

You will not likely find the G3500 at a lower price, or even close to this Woot deal (2nd time I’ve noticed it here).

I’ll add, there is an amazing range of well constructed NOCO accessories available on Amazon at reasonable prices.

Favorite examples:

  • Extra screw on quick disconnect short cables so you can leave the connectors on your batteries and easily swap the charger across batteries. (One of them even has a state of charge LED on it.)
  • OBDII connector - so you can maintain a battery in a vehicle without leaving the hood open and connecting to the battery that way. You connect the charger to the OBDII connector under the dash and keep the charger in the car.
  • Surface mounted connector so you can mount a charge point on a boat bulkhead or RV wall.
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Do some youtube searching, I have two of this type of jumper, they are great but this brand is always at the bottom of the list as far as how well they work compared to others.

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We’ve got an extra riding mower and a John Deere Gator that sit a lot of the time and seem to always need a jump start. It would be a lot easier for my husband to carry this out to the shed instead of jumping it or taking the battery up to the garage for charging. Which one of these would work?

I have three of these boosters. I have the 400 amp one for my Wife’s Subaru (2.4l gas), I have the 1500 offered here for my pickup truck (5.7l gas), and I have the 2000 amp model for my Suburban (7.4l gas). All of these have worked great.
I recently had a battery go bad in the Suburban and ended up using the 1500 amp booster many times. I was able to start the 7.4l motor three times without recharging the booster. It even started the Suburban after it sat outside in sub-zero temps with a bad battery for a week.
Only reason I bought the 2000 amp version it that is also has 12v in for faster charging and 12 v out for running accessories off the boost pack. These things are great.

Are you down due to a disappointing BOC? If that’s the reason, nothing can give you a boost back from level of disappointment.


here you go:


Got 2 of the 3500 back in No0vemeber for the same sale price.
Really cant beat them for trickle charging. And they desulfate !!!
Great price

I’ve used the 3500 on two different batteries so in the past year and have zero complaints about it.

I have a gator that always needs a jump. The battery is a pain to remove. I use a booster, and starts right up every time.

ones I have you hold down button for some number of seconds and it overrides the low (I think it’s 4V?) limit and works.