North American Outdoor 35-Quart Saf-T-Cooker / Turkey Fryer

Wonder if this will be delivered by Thanksgiving?

4.5 stars at Amazon
[link=]User guide[/link] also located on Amazon product page.

Deep fried turkey is da bomb, the meat comes out soooo juicy and flavorful, it’s hard not to recommend it, BUT for those that are considering deep frying their own turkey, please please please please please please please be careful. It’s not surprising to hear about people getting burned or accidentally setting fire to their property when attempting to make deep fried turkey.

Already have one. Love it.

This one looks pretty nice though.

Wonder how good it is for brewing beer.

How not to deep-fry a turkey,
Exploding a turkey

The turkey should be at room temperature before you drop it in. If it’s still frozen when you pick it up from the store at 10:59PM the night before the big feast, you’re screwed.

And don’t fill it to the top like they do in the video. Measure the amount of oil needed by first testing the displacement using water and the turkey. If in doubt, pour it a little short. You can top it off once the turkey is in (after the initial popping is complete) as long as you have gotten it pretty close.

Is the pot Stainless or Aluminum?

Bummer! That video was kind of pointless. I thought it would show it in action. All it did was zoom in on the static picture and tell me to look at the Amazon links for more information.

A dedicated wooter could in theory deep fry anything fewer than 35 quarts in this.

I too would like to know if it’s stainless. Anybody else see a nice boil kettle for home brewed beer? Plenty of room for a 5-7 gallon batch.

Did you happen to learn anything from the link that it pointed to? If so, then by me posting the video link that linked to information on tonight’s item that helped you has been beneficial.

Lowes [link=]specifications [/link] states Aluminum pot with steel legs.

Yay! Housefires for everyone!

*Seriously, frying turkey can be a great idea, but read the instructions first. Don’t catch your home on fire for Thanksiving.

No good for beer then! No thanks.

Not an option for dyeing either, alas.

the smart ones do it outside.

Looks like there is also a timer you have to press every 15 minutes to keep it going. Could be a pain to do this, but is good for frying so you don’t accidentally forget and start a fire.

Another warning:

One of my neighbors destroyed his house by frying a turkey. Was cooking under a carport adjacent to the house, explosion, roof caught fire. No one hurt, but within a few minutes the $500k house was destroyed. Also damaged the house next door.

This guy was very experienced turkey fryer.

This happened in 2009. House is still a pile of rubble.

Be careful if you want to try this.