Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)

I bought 4 of these thinking how great it would be to have around the house. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 of them have already failed. 2 of them no longer show a ground and a tester shows a failed ground as well. The 3rd of 4 constantly trips the circuit proving another crossed wire somewhere and I can’t use it at all. However the 4th is still lit correctly and seems to work. I dare ask for how long. My recommendation is to skip these completely. Even for $1 the risk is much too great for any device you dare plug in.

Sorry for the problem. You have a one year warranty with Office+Style. Have you contacted them?

Please contact us for replacement, we are happy to help you. Our surge protectors are highly rated on Amazon, and we offer awesome customer service.

I received a two pack of these in black in a b.o.c. They have worked great! I use them everyday and it’s been over two years

What are the dimensions of this plug? I have a 2 gang plug next to a light switch and I want to make sure it won’t get in the way of the light switch before purchasing

Very poor design. They’re built to be surface mounted, no recess or skirt for snugging against the wall (Leaving a space which violates code in many places). The mounting screw is too short to secure the outlet to the receptacle.

The USB outlets are low-power - my wireless modem.router complains about the input provided.

There are a lot of 6x2 surge-protector outlets on the market.

This not one of them.

According to Amazon, they’re are 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.5.

is there a picture of the back of the device available ?

There’s one in the photo gallery. 6th photo.

I bought 4 of these 2-packs from Woot a while back for $10.99/pack and they have worked well. I would buy more if they hadn’t raised the price by 50%.

I know, right? I bought a bunch of these a while back when they first came out on Woot! and I split them out and gave them as graduation gifts - put one in a gift bag along with a short power strip, etc. We had a bunch of kids graduating from our church’s youth group and all of them really appreciated them. Crazy on the price change! SMH.

Cheaper on Amazon free delivery…c’mon guys!

Are you looking at the 2-pack? Because I’m not seeing it

I had 2 problems with installation, but eventually I was able to resolve. So although not hands-off plug-and-play right out of the box, both are now seemingly working and if they do last I will be satisfied.
Problem #1 (as another reviewer noted here and I only belatedly realized after the devil of a time removing the outlet wall plate that was “glued on” by 40 years of paint), these have no indentations on the back to allow fitting over the plugs, and so THEY ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR REPLACING THE PLUG WALL PLATE (unless maybe your plugs are perfectly flush with the wall??). But the good-news aspect of this is that you don’t really need to remove the wall plate and can install these very easily by just plugging them into you existing plug/wall plate set up as is, only needing to remove the existing wall plate center screw to allow screwing in the surge protector center screw (which was long enough to make a tight hold on my installation).
Problem #2 was the green ground light wasn’t lighting unless I tilted the protector forward from the vertical. I finally figured out that I could achieve the same fix by bending the protector ground prong down a bit (by holding the ends of a screwdriver in both hands and putting a good amount of downward force on the grounding prong using the screwdriver shank.)