Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera w/8x Optical Zoom & 2GB SD Card

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Good reviews on Buzzillions.

how’s the battery life on these things? am I pretty much obligated to buy a second, more powerful battery?


$139.99 over atamazon! Rated 4 out of 5 stars overall by customers so it can’t be that bad. Might be a good backup camera when you can’t take a bigger one with better specs.

I was looking at the latest Consumer Reports (in print) and it was a Recommended pick at $190. Also got 4+ star reviews at customer reviews at B&H Photo, one of the most reputable camera stores anywhere, where it is $139.99.

Might be a decent gift as long as there aren’t any issues with the referbishment.

I bought it NEW from Amazon on Nov.30th for $99 no tax, free shipping. Regular price was $139 but it was one of the lightning deals that day.
Refurb should be cheaper than $105 woot. Good camera for $99, very nice quality pictures even at highest zoom.




video test

cnet First Look


Hey now, records motion images in high def, so we can get that close up of Uncle Al doin’ the truffle shuffle Christmas eve, after a few glasses of wine.

Things we never wanted to record in high def.

This is a great camera. I’ve had one for a while now and have not been disappointed, except for the fact that the Zoom is only 8x and I really like the 12x “pull it right into your face” kind of deal… but, this will do.

Can it zoom while recording video?

Hmmm, Im very tempted by this…Lemme see if it grows on my in the next few minutes.

Looks like people are starting to realize it’s the OPTICAL zoom that makes a difference. Digital zoom just enlarges your pixels. 8x optical isn’t bad, but twice that would be better.

I bought this camera on Amazon a few months ago so I could have something portable to bring with me on my trip to China. It’s an awesome little camera. The Intelligent Auto mode is great. There’s not really much manual controls on this camera but the iA mode takes great shots! I don’t even know why they have the normal auto mode when the intelligent auto mode is clearly superior. I was pretty surprised and very satisfied with it. It’s also quite well built since I dropped it in a puddle at the World Expo while in Shanghai and it still works fine (though a little scratched up). The video on it is quite good as well.

For what it’s worth, it does have a 4x digital on top of the 8x optical. Not that digital is worth much really.

Here’s a full (long) list of specs

Nope. I just bought this and haven’t even got it in the mail yet but that was one of the items I noticed :slight_smile:

NO optical but 4x digital zoom works for video.