Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & 1080p HD Video

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Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & 1080p HD Video
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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That write up is so realistic - I totally get the picture.

NOW im confused. The title says 16X optical zoom, but the camera picture clearly says 21X optical zoom??

i got one last time – in love with it

I think it says 21x intelligent zoom.
They make outstanding lenses!

the 16x is the actual optical zoom, and it must do a 5x additional “digital” zoom, which is usually useless and adds extra grain

Read the CNet review for yourself here.

It is a 16x optical zoom and a 24x digital zoom. Either way, I have this camera and absolutely love it. Can zoom in on videos which to ma are awesome! Great camera and a $100 less than the price I paid for it.

Not necessarily a good deal when +$60 will get it new on Amazon.

I have the ZS6, it’s one of the best point and shoots out there. If I didn’t have the ZS6 already I would be buying this one.

Used this during vacation in Europe. Good pics, excellent zoom, GPS is so-so. Takes a long time (~90 to 120 secs) for the GPS to lock, unless you are in a wide open field. CMOS sensor, some folks complain about that, but it was good enough for me.

I have the ZS6 and LOVE it. The LCD display is amazing.

Average score is 4 stars on Amazon, and a PC World review here.

I have the little brother of this (the ZS8). It is a great little “purse” camera. Bright screen, great zoom, not bad in low light.

Samples: Here are two images taken from the 14th row (the witch) and 8th row (the “Hairspray” photo), with no flash, handheld, in lousy theater lighting.

Poolside, using the intelligent auto setting in great outdoor light. Love this camera!

The camera takes better pictures than I do. I wildly point and randomly shoot and still most of the photos turn out marvelous.

Product Website:

Product Review:

I have had two of the predecessor models of cameras in this line. They both took awesome pictures. The zoom and image stabilization are unbelievably good for a pocket camera.

I probably won’t buy this one, though, because I had some issues with the second camera: after a few months I started seeing lines of bad pixels in the LCD screen. Because I bought that one new, they replaced it with a refurbished one, and after two months the screen on that one went totally kablooie WHILE I WAS ON VACATION IN ITALY. I mean the screen turned into a colorful test pattern.

I don’t think I’m brave enough to buy Panasonic refurbished. It’s a shame, though, because I need a camera, since my old one went kablooie.