Pedroncelli Quartet

No Pinot Noir? I’m in for three, based on how much I love the PN…

Wow. What a selection! And some PS for Lowell.

Visit Pedroncelli here.

Good sleuthing everything4fun!

Have you given up on shipping to Arizona?

hell with it, went in for one before I got talked into 2 or 3. I’m already in trouble for being in last week.

69% bought 1
15% bought 2
15% bought 3

hmmmm. I guess 1% are awake right now thinking of buying some.

I’m in for 2… and in time to be a La Brat this week!

Hmmm…may have to wait for a few labrat reports on this one. CT reviews that were available did not win me over.

good sleuthing indeed.


sounds good to me!!! I’m good for one

In for 2 before I’m in for 3. And with no storage space!

Pedroncelli Quartet
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Available (what’s this?)
Dry Creek Valley Red
1 Pedroncelli 2005 Family Vineyards Petite Sirah
1 Pedroncelli 2005 Bench Vineyards Merlot
1 Pedroncelli 2005 Alto Vineyards Sangiovese
1 [Pedroncelli 2005 Mother Clone Vineyards Zinfandel]( 413988)

These list for about $14 each at the winery. Added CT links.


What are the CT reviews? Sorry… if this is a newbie question.

From reading CT reviews, which are not that great, these wines appear to be in the $10 - 12/bottle range?

But then, maybe those reviews are dated and these wines are priced higher now.

I would love to help you out and provide a review! The weather in the midwest is warming this week and this lab rat has some new glasses from the WineGlass waiting!

At $10 (ok $11.25), the quality for the price seems good according the reviews - around 80ish. I hope you weren’t expecting a 90+ for $11.25. Although, if you know where to get that, let us in on the secret…

I am low on moolah, but am thinking of trying to sneak in before 10 am…

Does CT = CellarTracker…if so, then I answered my own question. :slight_smile:

CT = - usually someone has links to them by now. This is a great community site to keep track of your wines and read community reviews, etc…

I am such a sucker for this price range. In for one. I know it doesn’t help to post in here but I SURE WOULD LOVE TO BE A LE BRAT! This is my first time beating the 10am deadline.

Damn how can I resist PS. And Sangiovese. And Zin! All my favorites.
I just went to a good wine store today and bought 2 mixed cases, including a Concannon PS and a Rosenblum PS.
I might have to go in now too so I can limit the damage and at least try for Brat.
Holy crap I just counted and I have 85 bottles plus 5 en route.