Perfection 11 Piece Knife Set with Cutting Board

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Perfection 11 Piece Knife Set with Cutting Board, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Perfection KS- 6 “German Style” 11pc Knife Set with Cutting Board

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Does “full tang” mean it is orange flavored?

Yes, and they are the choice of astronauts…

Wow!! Ginsu knives… and worth every penny of it…

Does this come gift-wrapped?

Just kidding!

In for 3. for $10, even if these last a short while, it’s worth it!

Anyone have any actual experience or links to reviews? For $15 you can’t expect quality, but you probably can’t go wrong either.

At ten bucks and 11 pieces in the set, even my simple math tells me that is less than a dollar per knife. Unless these things are so dull you can let your toddler play with them I would say this is a solid woot.

sellout.woot is now managing to beat dollar-store economics! While you can buy those very knives individually for one greenback apiece in the dollar emporium of your choice, they don’t offer the “buy ten, get a cutting board free” clincher!

hmmm… $10 is my minimum gauge of a quality knife set. i don’t trust any knife set that costs less than that. This one appears to have just missed the mark. hehe.

I’m in for one. What the hell, eh?

thts misleading… says 11 piece WITH a cutting board… but the board is counted in tht 11

I bought a set of these last time Woot had them. The knives are a little flimsy, but work fine for the money. The ‘cutting board’ is just a piece of wood. It isn’t treated or anything, so I just added it to my lumber pile. There is no way I would have actually cut food on it!

you throw in a block to hold those. and you got yourself a deal

No knife block to store them in? I don’t think just keeping these guys loose in a drawer is a good idea…

In for one after consulting the rib.

I see everything except the steel that was used, dont want to sharpen them everytime I cut one thing

no? 11 piece with a cutting board means the cutting board is included in the 11 pieces. if it said “in addition to…” or something that implied it wasn’t with the count, then misleading.

plain english =/= misleading