Philips Icon 5 Device Universal Remote

Cool. This is just like how I order breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day at McDonald’s.

My girlfriend has exact remote. I like it and works great. In for 2.

Holy Balls! A dedicated the “oh! network” Button? MUST BUY 3!!!

Unless it controls a fleet of Roombas, Dysons, Sansas, USB Fish Tanks, LeakFrogs, and randomly produces Bags o’ Crap, I’m not interested.
…Even if only for $5+$5s/h.

im out if it doesn’t…

Anyone know if this has a code for the XBox 360? I found a code lookup on Philip’s site, but I just found DVD > Microsoft > General. Anyone have one or have a better lookup table?

Thanks, you made me laugh.

Me…I happen to like controlling a fleet of remotes!

Not remote savvy, so help me out here.
Would this thing work on my timewarner cable box?
I assume it would since it has like HBO and stuff in it, but I just want to be sure before I get it.

for $9.99, who cares if it’s a waste of cash. Ordered

Christmas is coming… In for 3 ‘inexpensive’ gifts! WooT!

I have to disagree. Looking around the whole house for 6 remotes every time you want to watch a movie doesn’t seem all that manly. I rather have a Harmony like my girlfriends because it works better than heaven, but for ten bucks, it might be worth a try. I’m gonna sleep on this one.

Look, you can make any channel’s label you want. How? Here’s how:

  1. Type in the name of the desired channel in a Google search window
  2. Click or press enter
  3. Click on “Images” in the top left hand corner of the screen
  4. Find an image of the channel’s logo
  5. Save the image to your desktop
  6. Open a popular photo editor such as Photoshop
  7. Resample the image down to a smaller size, leaving a similar border size between the logo and the edges of the canvas as the pre-included logo stickers have.
  8. Print test labels onto a sheet of regular 8.5"x11" paper so as not to waste valuable label paper.
  9. If correct size (defined as within 2mm of the pre-included labels) print onto label paper
  10. Carefully cut (preferably with a paper cutter) into similar size as pre-included labels
  11. Apple to your remote
  12. Feel satisfied and capable

In for three! The price is right. I can always use spares since the remotes seem to get swallowed up into those livingroom black holes!

does anyone have a jpg of all the stickers, google has failed me again


Since it’s a learning remote it should work with just about anything… if it works correctly is another story… but hey - buy three and it’s < 6.67 each… Givem away to friends…or enemies if they don’t work well…

The product description says it has a learning feature

Lots more details here:

Excellent, spotlight-worthy linkage

The Philips page for Remote Codes is here: Remote Code Finder

I’m thinking about it - for a Dad and Hubby both of whom have failing eyesight and decreasing patience with things such as remote controls… if this gizmo would simplify the Tv/DVD/VCR/Cable box controlers for them, it would be a god-send…

I’m guessing this won’t change the source on tv automatically right? That is, if Cable is HDMI1 and the Xbox is Component 1 on the tv, when I switch from one to the other it won’t switch the source. Rather it will allow me to have just one remote that will both allow me to change the source and change the channel on the cable box, but manually…


will this work with my ipod dock?