Pinnacle 3-Element Speakers (Pair)

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Pinnacle 3-Element Speakers (Pair)
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Who has tried these?


Wow i need a bag of crap… or barrel…

i mean COME ON

For the price i can only hope these would be good enough to blow Zeus off Olympus…

Does anyone know if you can connect these to a leak frog?

I hope there are only a few of these…great speakers, but no need for them personally! Bring on the Bandoleer of Carrots!!

Pinnacle speakers are TOP of the range, the PEAK of perfection. Get the POINT?

How’s the sound on these things?

Will my Keith Sweat albums play with hd sound and crisp quality?

Guess I shouldn’t have hesitated on the chocolates, I can’t eat a pair of speakers :frowning:

are they wireless or are the wires just invisible?

Never gotten a Bag of of Crap before.

Buy a regular Woot first and then you can demand the BOC. Not before.

Perfect, just in time for the drive home! Thanks Woot!

I know kung fu

Nope. The Leak Frog doesn’t have any kind of audio out to connect speakers to.

Pinnacle has these listed at $698/pair ($349 each). Looks like it’s a discontinued model though.

I’d buy these if I needed speakers.

I demand a Burrito Of Chicken. The woot off has been a bunch of bad leftovers so far. Boo!

Maybe the Box of Chocolates was the only B …o… c … for this wootoff