Point Reyes Blue Cheese Half Wheel, 3lb

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company Blue Cheese 3-Pound Half Wheel
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
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How will this be packed for shipping? Will it be shipped in a box with no coolant packs like Vella cheeses? Will it be shipped in a cooler made of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) w/ gel ice packs (or dry ice) like Beehive cheeses? Will it be shipped by ground transportation, taking about a week to get from California to Pennsylvania? What is the shelf life of unopened and opened cheese wedges?

Note: Stilton cheese is normally not pasteurized and not “mellow.” Descriptions as reminiscent of a Stilton and as mellow are not consistent.

These are important questions. Living in Florida and the heat, I’d be curious about the shipping process.

Blue cheese isn’t my thing, but I hope that more Point Reyes cheeses will be carried at Woot in the future!

I echo the concerns about shipping at this time of year, too. I live near Phoenix. I already had one past Woot cheese order arrive warm, and the company was kind enough to send a new, kept-cool batch.

I too would like to know on shipping. I had to end up tossing my Vella cheese since it molded after being shipped in a plain box and arrived a greasy mess. I love Point Reyes blue but don’t need another spendy piece of cheese to toss in the trash.

With three pounds, I’d like to ensure we are able to enjoy it before it ‘gets old’. How long will this last in the refrigerator?

This is a lot of cheese for the 2 of us. Does it freeze well?

very excited about this offer. cheese will be packed with freeze packs and styro inserts and sent two-day transit.

this stuff is to die for!

With all due respect, Stilton is a pasteurized and fairly mellow blue cheese (compared to other blues like Roquefort and Cabrales). The raw milk (non-pasteurized) version of Stilton is called Stichelton. Regardless, give Bay Blue a try, you’ll love it!

Thank you for joining us!

No worries! Bay Blue will last several weeks in your fridge! Re-wrap in the same foil it comes in, and then put your remaining piece in a perforated bag or Tupperware (an ice pick and a ziploc bag are really all you need) —cheese has got to breathe…it’s a living thing!

Once you open it, whatever you don’t use, wrap in parchment paper, tightly wrap that in foil and then put it in a zipper bag. Should keep for a month, IMO.
You can freeze portions in the same fashion.
This is some of the best cheese made in the USA.

No freeze PLEASE! Freezing our cheese will dry it out and flatten the flavor. Share it with others or just throw a party instead!

Hey Wooters! We are so excited to be back and are thrilled to bring you the award winning and much-beloved Bay Blue. This cheese is truly special, full of complex layers of flavor with rich to umami notes upfront and a unique sweet, salted caramel finish.
WARNING: Bay Blue is habit forming!

Dagnabbit, WD! You’re going to rope me in again, aren’t you. It’s a lot of cheese though.

This stuff is so good. we put honey and walnuts together with it and it’s amazing. Top Top shelf cheese.

Please please don’t FREEZE… doing so will dry out the texture and diminish the flavor. Share it, cook with it, or throw a party instead!

YUM – Bay Blue is awesome with roasted mushrooms or butternut squash as well. Try it with pork loin or on a grilled steak for a savory treat.

You’ll be so happy with this cheese, that we promise! Bay Blue is mellow in pungency, fudgey in texture and sweet in the finish. There really is no other blue cheese quite like it. You’re gonna get hooked!