:w_boc: Post your 2022 Craps Here!!!

That was obvious. The iPad didn’t get stuck on a picture of expired beans. :rofl:


I got a boc brush on colgate but it shipped its in texas yeha im in florida it says augst 3 will it come sooner

All these amazing gadgets are definitely bringing my hopes up a little too high for my Bitter Old Curmudgeon that’s been waiting for me at home (on a trip and returning tomorrow). I’m sure all will crash and burn like Icarus when the contents are finally revealed. Still…:eyes::crossed_fingers:


Mine too has just been sitting at the shipping partner facility in Texas for the past 3 days. Shows no movement


I thought the same, but that smart lock kit I got by itself sells for $190 on the Mothership (marked down from $240). Even the powerbank I got is worth a bit more than the price of the BoC, so keep your hopes up. Some lucky folks got home theater projectors too.



This is my first Bucket of Chickens in quite some time. This one did not disappoint. Dog tax paid and she was disappointed that there wasn’t anything in there for her lol.


BOC Bag ( First time seeing the new bag design. I like)
Anker wireless phone charger
Cell Phone Car Charger ( USB and USB-C … not too shabby)
Aukey Car Cell Phone Holder
Plantronics Headset ( Funny story. I literally had one of these in my Amazon cart about to purchase so much needed and works great to)
Pants size Medium
Dress shirt size Medium
Cell Phone Grip
Knife Storage Mat
Touch Light
Drink Chiller
Woot Car Sticker ( First time seeing this… Might need woot to cut me a check to put that on the car lol)


I hope I win a bag. It will be like Christmas!

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The instructions worked?? That’s so great! I hope you enjoy the iPad.


Woot! Like everyone else, I can’t wait to see the BOC, so send me some!


That’s why I use the third-tier voice-over guy!

You got a HAUL - I never thought about batching like that.


I just go with random free app music that someone may or may not have submitted a copyright claim on through YouTube. S/O says maybe he’ll make up some weird music to go with my short vids. I mean, he does have guitars, bass guitars, drums, microphones, and a cowbell. He might as well make me a 30-sec sound clip of sorts. :person_shrugging:


Coupla women’s tees, a baby safety mirror, furniture sliders, refurb/boxless vacuum sealer, flameless candles, refurb/boxless mini food processor, bag. Worth the $10, I guess


Wait, that’s not your regular voice??

Amazon Dissapointment GIF by Woot!

Just opened my Box O’ Crappios to find 3 crappiest of objects:

An Anker Wireless Charger
A Lift Wand ‘professional’ (it has already zapped half my whole family. #worthit!)
And a Cuisonel Iron Skillet

I think I made out like a bandit purchasing all this Crap. Thanks WOOT!


My TTHH crap arrived today. Woot! If you were trying to disappoint you failed.

(Apparently the pup is trying to blend in with the shirts)

Super shiny bag (those who’ve seen one in the flesh know that this picture doesn’t do justice)
3 woot shirts (I think they’re women’s cut but wifey and kids can wear them)
Tap light
Bumper stickers x2 (hilarious)
19 take away food boxes
Refrigerator storage box
20000 mAh power bank (very nice)

That power bank will come in handy. We just came back from a trip where the kids fought over the single juiced up tablet the whole way home. This has multiple ports and tons of juice - it’s just what we needed!

Thanks Woot!


My babysitting opulent children still hasn’t made it to USPS. They are still awaiting item from Amazon. Hopefully the disappointment now will be worth it later.


Brie Larson Congratulations GIF by Golden Globes
On your FIRST!

Han Solo Good Luck GIF by Star Wars

In future :w_boc:s.


I love the shirt


Mine came totally unlocked. Thankfully cause I wouldn’t have the patience for it if it didn’t