Product Spotlight: Bibs and One-Pieces

Alright! Now I can dress my soon to be baby girl in woot wear! =D

Now the question is what to get her…

I never thought that I’d be buying my new little cousin a onesie on woot! The necktie onesie is a must buy!


Same here! I saw the e-mail and went, “Oh, crap. There goes my money.” In for at least the Fresh Cake onesie so she can match mommy. <3


Aww! If only I had mini monsters to dress… I wonder if the dogs will hold still long enough for a onesie?

I LOVE that there are finally some one-pieces and bibs, but the designs I REALLY want are the “I’m a Mess!”, “Soft Kitty” and “Trust Me!”. How can we make this happen?

Depends on how much bacon you bribe them with.

(This sale also makes me want little ones to dress, but I don’t think my tortoise would be pleased with a onesie.)

Have to get at least one for baby boy (due next month)! Definitely getting fresh cake since I have that shirt and then we can match…might have to get the baby bottle tie one too…hmmm…decisions, decisions…

Oooh, and I have imposter, so I have to get that one too so I can match baby boy…I mean, come on…how often does a mama get to wear a matching outfit with her son?

I would love to see “Error - Cuteness Overflow” in a onesie.

It sure would be nice if woot was still selling the baby blue (and/or pink) fresh cake shirt… How am I supposed to match baby if all I can buy is the nasty olive colored one?

Also, I wish the Impostor shirt was printed on the same shade of blue as the shirt I already own. Even the Artichoke shirt isn’t the same shade of yellow. I imagine this is due to the choices of colors on the onesie blanks, but it would be really nice if they matched the adult shirts.

Dear woot,
Will you be selling the Fresh Cake shirt on pink in adult sizes in the near future?
Kindest regards,

Has anyone purchased the onesies from Woot before? I’m wondering about sizing. Is “6 months” 0-6 or 6-12? Either way, it’s a big range. I just measured a Carter’s 6 months onesie and it measured about 15" long, so clearly I’m doing something wrong since Woot’s says it’s 12.5".

augh! Why couldn’t this have come out earlier?! Bad timing woot :frowning:

Wow, that’s a really good point! Hopefully someone can answer soon! I’m going to hold off ordering for now.

I just sent an email to see if I can find any further details. I’ll update my post when I know more. :slight_smile:


I love the cuteness! Part of me wants to stock up, but everything is pink or blue. Could we not have some yellow - or are there no infant blanks in colors besides blue and pink? Does woot think these wouldn’t sell if we had at least one token gender-neutral colour?

Holding out hope from sanity from my Woot friends!

Awesome! Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

“Machine wash cold” for baby clothing? The parents with babies in my family would boil everything that gets in touch with their little one …
So, would one of these things actually make a good & safe gift?

Absolutely!! You’ll help them toughen the kid up.
They need some germs in their life lol unless they are planning on keeping them in a bubble forever

If I had a slobber monster I would buy the don’t judge me bib!! I LOVE IT!!