Product Spotlight: Tank Tops

Be My Chum always amuses me more than it probably should.

Visit Outside would have been a good one for this also.

I wish the ladies Tees came in XL.

Yeah, none of the cute designs will fit over the girls for me.

same. i wear tank tops year round because they’re the only thing that doesn’t make me feel like i’m suffocating, so it extra sucks that these tank tops are so small. was looking forward to a shirt i didn’t have to cut the top off of but i guess i have to keep looking :expressionless:

I love you, Woot. Now take my money.

Does anybody know how the unisex tanks fit on busty ladies? Asking for a friend. Well, friends.

Those friends are my boobies.

FWIW, I’m a 36D and don’t have too much trouble. The armholes re a bit long for me, so I wear a sports bra underneath.

Ladies large is just barely big enough in the chest for my 11-year-old.

What size do you get?

Hooray for the blanks and the tanks!

Now to actually choose one.

Either that shark one I’ve always found funny or the “go sports” one I’m thinking. But part of me debates about the overall $15 asking price after shipping.

Aww man, the tank that works best for me is the unisex poly tanks… and not a one in this sale.

You just sit tight. More are coming!


I would really love some cute tanks for summer, but I’m plus size and busty. :confused: So, yeah. Please consider larger tank sizes for women!

No shipping on these unless you’re international.

Ch-ch-changes happened a little while ago. $5 shipping now.

Would you consider adding Tank Tops as a semi-permanent seasonal option? So, for example, during the summer months, all “Today’s Woot” T-shirt designs and the special sales could have an automatic Tank Top option… or maybe even EVERYTHING can have a Tank Top option during summer (or am I getting too greedy now?).

Also, this can be applied to hoodies during the winter too!

I’d like to see tanks available more often, too.