PULL Paso Robles Merlot Case

PULL Paso Robles Merlot 12-Pack Case
Sold by: Broken Earth Winery
$94.99 $252.00 62% off List Price
2010 PULL Merlot, Paso Robles

Low AbV.
Low pH.
High TA.
all good
so, how does it taste?

Hopefully Elyse will make it to the boards for some questions.

That is a lot of merlot!

very much hoping someone will post some wine taster notes soon!

Excited to get the golden ticket again. This time for the 2010 Pull Merlot.

We let it rest in the cellar a couple of days and then decanted it a while before dinner. There was no sediment in the filter.

Color is medium dark. Nice dark fruit on the nose.

I had strong flavors of black cherry with minimal tannins. Light on acidity as well. We paired with filet mignon, and the wine had enough acidity to go well with the steak. But not a fattier cut. It reminded me of cherry Kool Aid, which I loved as a kid. So this was a great taste to me. They wine also drank very well on its own after dinner with the bright fruit notes.
My wife also enjoyed the wine. She found the cherry notes to seem tart. She enjoyed it both with the steak and on its own.

Bottom line, we enjoyed this wine. I am not as familiar with Merlot, as I lean toward Cabernet, and even Cabernet dominant Bordeaux wines. I would never turn down a glass of this wine if offered, but not sure I will buy it.

Added: Seeing the price, I am giving consideration. This was fruity, but would be a crowd pleaser at a party.

(Can’t load an image from work).

This winery is fantastic. I’m not an aficionado by any means; I just like what I like. I’ve ordered directly from them and through woot. I supplied my entire wedding with Broken Earth wines.

This price point is crazy good!


Thanks Polar Bear.

Any comment on the oak treatment?

I find many of the cheaper wines can be super oakey.

How do you get one of these “Golden Tickets”? I’d be most happy to be a test monkey for the wines posted here.

“cherry Kool Aid” is a comparison I will sometimes make for some pinots, and usually not favorably. That said, I’ve been looking for a case of every day drinkers, and preferably not something overly bold that will pair easily.

So I’m on the fence with this one.

Has anyone seen a corkscrew like the one on the label before? Is that a real thing or just label art?

Google “Ideal Brevete Corkscrew” not exactly the same style but super close. Super hipster “vintage”. “Brevete Corkscrew” works as well.

shoot me PM with your user name and email address and we’ll get you started with a survey. come one come all!

and yes, this is a screamer deal.

Hi! These photos are actually taken from our winemaker’s personal collection of corkscrews :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest in our PULL Merlot. This Merlot is definitely not going to be your super ripe fruity CA style Merlot or Kool Aid-esque. It is much more “Old world” in style and is great for everyday drinking and food pairing.

Let me know if you have other questions :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for the review :slight_smile: Since this wine is from Paso Robles, it will be slightly more fruit forward than other cooler climate Merlot, however, it is quite different than all of the CA Merlot that has been mass produced for fruitiness and sugar. Its palate will be much more complex than just “in your face fruit” that you tend to find in a lot of CA Merlot, which has led to the varietals demise in conjunction with that movie I won’t name… We really love the way this wine has evolved and like you said, it pairs well with food and stands on its own as well!

Thanks again and let me know if you have questions!

Do you think this is in its drinking window sweet spot or that there is something to be gained by giving it more time?

AWESOME! I love this Merlot for everyday drinking (I may be partial) Our winemaker is particularily fond of the Merlot grape and he has won “The Best Merlot Worldwide” at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London in the past, which really speaks to his passion for the varietal.
It is not overly oaked (which I know someone asked below) it has only subtle oak influence. It has ripe berry fruit on the nose and palate and hints of tobacco and cigar box notes, that I think really balance the wine out.

Please let me know if you have questions, I’ll be here all day…

Hi There! The amount of acid will allow it it age for a short while longer, if you wanted to say drink some now and set some aside, however it is ready to enjoy now.


Thanks for the support and next time you head out our way, let me know! I’d love to meet you and say thanks!