PWA: Life, Liberty and the Posting of Happiness


someone wake me up please!

I left my golf clubs at the house! How stupid is that?

Morning…I like the new thread name.

That is only stupid if you intended on playing golf today. (smirk)

your not stupid,

Happy new PWA, airyone!

Congrats to ace for LP!

It’s only stupid if you intended to use them before returning home.

Good Morning Gman
Good Morning PBL
Good Morning Cruzer
Good Morning STLW
Good Morning KT
Good Morning dont
Good Morning Lynnie
Good Morning Zilla
Good Morning Tall
Good Morning Czar
Good Morning Qwerty
Good Morning NeoLuddite
Good Morning Turken
Good Morning Ace
Good Morning Poof
Good Morning jqubed
Good Morning Fen
Good Morning Blue
Good Morning Brownie
Good Morning Josephus
Good Morning zea3
Good Morning mwiseman
Good Morning gwp
Good Morning daj59
Good Morning tennbeekeeper
Good Morning ircmaxell
Good Morning obob
Good Morning Uncorked
Good Morning LKK
Good Morning terrybatey
Good Morning warriorlibrarian
Good Morning to everyone else in the whole world

Didn’t you have another name under mine the other day?

Mornin’, R’ing!

See! How stupid am I??


guess I’m going home before I go to “school”


difficult to take golf class wo clubs

Off to get ready for the day
bbl… sometime tonight

damn! who’s singing?!?!

Good morning. Nice name; nice place. It should be good for another 100 pages or so.


Good morning!!!

Mornin’ everyone.

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes Rain and DAJ. :slight_smile:

So, here’s my day so far…

I was awakened at 4:08 by thunder and had to jump up and close my window.

I got up 2 hours later to get ready for work (decided I could arrive at 8 on my b-day), and after washing my hair, I found about 100 or so baby spiders on the ceiling of the bathroom. I am really glad I’m tall. I wiped them up with my washcloth and rinsed them down the drain. I’m guessing mama spider had her babies shortly before I started my shower as she was nowhere to be found.

I head off to work (now it’s gonna be tight to arrive before my 8am staff meeting starts) and I hit stop and go traffic as soon as I get on the highway. Oh well, I was only 10 minutes late…

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Is there a spider in my hair? Are you sure? It feels like there is a spider in my hair!

Who read this and did not feel their head itching! I’m scratching.

Thanks Tall!

I’m just trying to share my birthday joy! :meh:

Mornin’ and HB, t’girl . . .