PWA: Posts of No Quality

Morning all.


might as well start the no quality thread off right.

//smack daj

Oh! And congrats (and thanks) AZGman!


Woo-hoo! F i r s t p a g e, f i r s t p o s t. (Except for Cruzer, but he doesn’t count)

Good morning everybody.


Good morning everyone!!

never have, never will.


you’re telling me!


Good morning, troops. Can we just skip today and go directly to Friday?

Poof, My mom owns a Nissan Murano and my aunt owns a Rogue. I like the Murano better because it’s slightly bigger. They are pretty similar otherwise, though.

gets my vote!

for closing the thread and for being forced to deal with all the unwanted PWA traffic while it was closed. :tongue:

Me too!

Note to self - go to Nissan and spend the day.

Yammer’s just a rest stop between PWAs!

Thank heavens it has “facilities.”

Good morning everybody! Nice new digs!

Going out to forage for breakfast.

Try rootin’ around the base of an IHOP tree!!


Morning all!

I worked swing shift at an IHOP in college. Blech. Too much baking powder in the pancakes. Crepes with lingonberry butter are ok.