Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress with Ventilation System

$399.99 with great reviews over at amazon (list price is $1200)

If this is the same bed that they sold the last few times, it’s a winner. I sleep like a champ on mine still.

Highly recommended. Just beware the smell when you first unpack it. It is best to put it in a warm room by itself for a few days and let it raise. It says to unpack it 72 hours after you receive it, but I ordered mine and kept it in storage for about a month while I moved and had no issues with it at all.

How large was the package it shipped in? Specifically - did you have to make special arrangements, or was it actually vacuum-shrunk small enough that it shipped/stored in a normal mailbox?

Care instructions


Great mattress! I got one of these a few woot-off’s ago.

I’m also wondering this. I want to buy this but am worried about the size of the shipment.

It came as a large duffle-bag shape, pretty much plastic wrapped. The mattress itself is vacuum-shrunk, then rolled up. so, about 7 feet long (length of a regular queen-size mattress), and rolled up about 3 feet in diameter. you can put your arms around it, and it’s heavy. Takes 24-48 hours for it to expand back to normal size once opened.

I wanna see the delivery guy’s face when he pulls up to the WOOT warehouse and has to fit all these mattresses in his little truck.

Same way they wrap up a 65 inch TV in a 5 dollar woot box…

in for one… i saw these on woot a while ago and missed the opportunity… i sleep on a memory foam topper for my full size bed and it just isnt the same… and it’s a full… i think it’s time to upgrade!

Wish it was king size. :frowning:

And why no warranty? My kids beds have a 5 year warranty and its a cheap mattress from Sams Club (the memory foam ones from Black Friday).





I have the king size.
It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept in.
I’m having trouble finding an afforadable platform bed to place it upon.

I wish I had bought the Queen size like they have here.

If you don’t have the ability to have it delivered to your porch, I can assure you it wouldn’t fit in a mailbox.

Does anyone know if the memory foam mattress HAS to be put on a box spring or foundation or is it okay by itself on the floor? And if it does have to be put on one or the other, which is better?

This is a link to another mattress from Walmart (which is a tad cheaper)…you think it is the same quality??

Sold. Thank you so much for the info and images! This will makes it so much easier to deal with getting a mattress in my girlfriend and I’s dormpartments!

The key thing from my understanding is that it be on a relatively evenly supported surface, so the floor is fine. I actually have mine (which I love) on top of two futon mattresses on the floor (this arrangement replaced my old futon frame).

Alrighty, thanks for the insight! :slight_smile:

Mine’s on the floor.
Sooo comfortable.

It’s more an issue because I live in a university apartment, so all packages go through the school’s small mailroom - which would not hold a mattress… but will certainly hold a duffle-sized bag!