10” Queen Size Traditional Memory Foam Mattress with 2 Memory Foam Contour Pillows

Just the size of mattress I need to highlight my crushing loneliness! :'D

is this one of those mattresses that you can put a glass of wine on one end of the bed and jump around like a 5 year old on the other side?

cause i do that a lot.


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How should you buy a memory foam mattress?

Per the energetic guy in the above vid… Comfort, Comfort, Comfort… he must have slept on one.

Wanted to say something about the memory foam but I forgot what it was…sorry

I wish they made a twin sized version. Forever alone.

I’ll also link to the previous woot offering of this item, but let’s go straight to the first post (instead of page 6):
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Bring in a normal king-size and I would buy it now.

Every time these mattresses come up I want one, but I can’t justify buying a new mattress until I actually buy a bed to put it on, rather than the floor. Still saving for the bed!

The twin size set is on moofi


Full sized set is on Sellout


Too bad it is only Queen size. If it were King size, I’d seriously consider it.

Nevermind its the full size on sellout.woot for $199.99

Wow I want a new mattress, too! I don’t think I have $255 plus the cost of a frame, though…

Must say if you’re in the market $5 for the shipping is remarkable, as usual.

Woot, you are officially helping the divorce rate. You’re giving couples a comfortable night of sleep at a reasonable price.

You, my friend, are a humanitarian.

What kind of support system is needed for this? Does it need to go to groups, or is occasional therapy enough? Seriously though, what do I need to put under the mattress?

My hammock is more comfortable than my 3" memory foam mattress. I bet 10" is even more painful. Except for certain activities… The hammock FTW!

King is here, you will now go in for 3 yes?


I’ve been sleeping on one of these for about a year. It’s a bit thinner than I’d like but it does the job nicely, especially considering the price.

Two people can fit just fine in this. Does it come with the second person is the question I believe??