R2 Wine Co. White - 4 Pack

R2 Wine Co. White - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2009 Vin Blancs – Santa Barbara
2 2009 Big Bend – Carneros
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Roessler Pinot Noir’s are fantastic. Nice to see some Roessler white on Woot!

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I enjoyed the Black Pine Pinot, My wife and I had an older bottle of their chard. awhile back and didn’t care for it. And of course neither of us like chard so take it for what its worth.

Its interesting to see the Rhone style blends in the R2 lineup, I will definitely have to stop by the next time I am in sonoma.

Would have been nicer (for me) to have seen PN on Woot. Hope they do if there is a next time.

This is too funny! I just so happened to visit the R^2 tasting room in Sonoma a mere 7 days ago. I brought home two bottles (if that is any indication).

I tried the '09 Big Bend Carneros Chard and I can tell you, it was a smooth, lucious honey butterball. Very pronounced malolactic character near-perfectly balanced with mild but memorable oak. Fruity as all get out, but not overly acidic or really all that zesty. I thought it was at it’s best slightly warmer than most whites.

Good deal, too. This is just over the price for the chard alone, shipped. Consider the vin blancs a free bonus?

NOTE: I think the wine details/notes and their identities on wine.woot.com are mixed up. The chard is the 14.3% and the vin blancs is the 14.9%. Bear in mind when tasting (unless woot fixes it) that the notes are swapped.

The Chardonnay alone makes me want to buy this but I’m going to wait until some more comments in before I press the big button, hopefully I’ll remember to hit it before this sells out though.

Does anyone know anything about their Vin Blanc? Nothing much on R Sqaured in Cellar Tracker or Snooth. Their Pinot Noir gets good reviews, but nothing much on the Chardonnay or Vin Blanc. Interested, but would like more information.




There’s an echo in here…in here…in here.

How much does that 37% new oak influence the Vin Blanc? It looks like this will break away from the trend of buttery Cali Chardonnay. Hopefully.

Was the MLA stopped on the Vin Blanc because it was not turning out as hoped? Or was it never intended to finish anyways?

Gotta say, I appreciate Woot offering more whites this summer. With our blistering heat, it’s rare I can do anything red, although the 2002 Wellington Syrah went down easy last night with a steak salad.

These sound very interesting - I occasionally get a hankering for a butterbomb Chard. It’s kind of a nostalgia thing for me, since that’s the wine I first cut my teeth on, with Solitude Chardonney from the Napa Valley Winery Exchange in San Fran. I’m in for one.

A number of Roessler Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs were on wine.woot last year and the year before, and Roessler was an important stop on the 2010 Magical History Tour: they hosted an amazing late lunch in Sonoma at the Harvest Moon Cafe, and then we all went over to their tasting room just off the Plaza for another hour or two. The winemaker joined us for lunch and then at the tasting room. It was a fabulous experience.

It was a real pity that the winery went out of business; a real pleasure to learn the Roessler’s are back in the game.

I liked both the Pinots and the Chardonnays. While they made wines from a number of different AVAs, there was a similarity in style that was distinctive.

Welcome back to woot!

I would like to ask the winemaker a couple of questions: What is the drinking window for the 2009 Vin Blancs – Santa Barbara and 2009 Big Bend – Carneros? What is the suggested drinking temperature of these wines? Also, I want to comment that I absolutely love the R2 Wine Company website design.

I’m guessing/hoping we’ll see an R2 red variety pack fairly soon as well. I thought the Black Pine was a very nice pinot at the price point.

Great to hear you enjoyed the Mystery Tour event. We enjoyed being a part, and working with Nick at the Harvest Moon to create some nice pairings was great fun. Its great to be back with Woot again!

A correction of sorts… Roessler Cellars has NOT gone out of business! We’re still producing great Pinots and Chards from sources ranging from Oregon to Santa Barbara. The Hall Wine Company has taken on a lead role with the brand, but we’re still involved in the process with them. The sale of a majority interest did create the opportunity for my brother Richard and I to start up the new R2 Wine Company, and we’re excited about the new lineup of wines. The Black Pine Pinot is our largest production wine and with all the sources we’ve worked with in the past, we continue to enjoy the relationships with outstanding growers from around that state for it. We felt the Rhone varietals would be a new direction for us which we are excited about. The fruit being grown in the Central Coast and the Santa Barbara area in particular, has lit a new fire for us. We really love the wines we’re producing from the area and hope you’ll try the wines and see for yourself how enjoyable they are.

Thanks for the correction! Hope the new venture is very successful!

I know nothing about wine but I’m in for one.

Now that’s the spirit! Let us know what you think when you get it!