Gazzi Estate Vineyards Sonoma 2008 Pinot Noir - 5 Pack

Gazzi Estate Vineyards Sonoma 2008 Pinot Noir - 5 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping (Summer shipping has ended)
PRODUCT: 5 Gazzi Estate Vineyards Sonoma 2008 Pinot Noir
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This will have been made by one of our favorite wine-makers, Scott Harvey. The 2006 and 2007 were great!

ahem… note the shipping charge.

So that means it’s back to shipping ground? If that’s the case it means I won’t be ordering for the next month until it gets below 90 here in Florida. I was loving the 2nd day air for the extra $2, you’d never hear a complaint out of me on the price.

How does this compare to the 2007? I was talked into getting the 2007 and don’t regret for a moment! My mom even loved it! And we don’t like Pinots!
I promised her I would get more when it came up,but noticed the different year… so please tell me the difference in taste between the 07 and 08… thanks in advance!

Courtesy of CJ:

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and updating -that- kept you soooo busy…?
Humm, 2% more Pinot than the 2007. Should we expect this to be quite similar to the 2007 then? Still have those, now, to add some 2008…?

I really enjoyed the 2007 and will probably buy this year also, but once again there is some NC shipping controversy. I had to jump through some hoops last time to get the 2007 - can this one be shipped to NC as well?

i loved the last offering (2007)…i’m hoping that the 2008 is just as good (or better!). but i couldn’t pass up the chance to get 10 bottles, despite my attempt to lay off buying juice for awhile. now my dream is to get a golden ticket!

You were never getting air shipping. Always ground, just refrigerated trucks to your regional hub. Sorry to burst your bubble.

In for two. Loved the 2006 (was gone before it had a chance to spend any time in the cellar, but it was prêt-à-boire), and am still loving the 2007.

I know there were a few detractors who were concerned with the added Syrah in the 2007, but IMO it’s one of the best QPRs offered. It took an hour in the decanter before it showed well, so I would recommend against pop-and-pour.

12 bucks a bottle makes this a complete no-brainer for me. I’m just disappointed that there’s a 10 bottle max.

I am in a 'burb of San Francisco, anyone who is organizing something nearby, Message me.

Checking the cellar now before ordering…
And I have to account for the 9 still yet to ship.

“Riper than the 2007, little softer and a touch more tannin on the finish.”

Can anybody tell me why half the time I try to order booze Louisiana shows up and half the time it doesn’t? Are the laws really changing with this much rapidity? Ive been waiting for a good cheap pinot noir and I’m about furious.

Actually, I was. Every one of my orders this summer shipped 2nd Day Fedex. Tracking numbers show them picked up in Petaluma and delivered 2 days later with the service marked as FedEx 2Day Service. Last summer my stuff did the truck trip but it was 2nd day air all summer…maybe they didn’t have enough orders to justify a truck to the southeast and 2nd day was cheaper?

Each winery has to apply for licensing to each state. That is why the ship-to state list is different for each sale.

The 2007 is one of my favorites wines and I still have over a case of it sitting around…so have to pass on this and hope its offered in a wootoff or some other time.

I would recommend it highly to anyone who is on the fence.

Just finishing up a glass of the '07 as I type this. A nice smooth drinking Pinot. A little hot on the nose when first opened, with tart cherry and blackberry aromas with some slight minerality. Opened up nicely after a trip through the Soiree to reveal even more fruit, a hint of spice, some added acidity and slightly more rugged tannins.

I’ve simply been spending too much on wine lately to justify another round of the Gazzi Pinot but I will relish the '07 while it lasts.

My extra $2 is paying for the wine to sit in the back of an unrefrigerated truck in the local FedEx yard over the weekend. Thankfully daytime temps are only in the mid 70s here in OH right now. IOW, I’m happy to see the shipping back to $5.