Rachael Ray Snowman 8" Plate - Set 4

QVC has a set of 6 for 24.96. Granted, shipping is almost $8.00

These aren’t exactly flying out the door, are they? It’s not the product, because the design is almost too cute to resist. Almost. It’s the discount. Put them at 50% and I can justify the purchase (to myself.)
Oh, will you also put up a some pizza stones at an exceptionally high discount? I need a couple for gifts.
Thanks woot. I know you won’t let me down.

I’m in the same boat. That price would’ve also gotten me to buy them.

i could sure go for some whiskey stones. That would be great right about now Woot…

these are about the cutest things i do love rachel ray designs … as for the whiskey stones i saw them on Think Geek the other day…love that site also…