Random Crap

Welcome to the Bag O’ Crap topic page for this product on Friday, August 13th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for Crap here.


there are going to be a million flamers for this product. MARK MY WORDS!

This should be interesting… I ordered 3. THREE TURDS COMING UP! :smiley:

Official Woot Price: $0.01

I just tried to order like 300 times and got a BUNCH of errors… it finally seemed to go through, but said I already placed an order for this woot. Please dear god only send me one bag with 3 itmes in it for $5.03. I do NOT want like 5 bags and $25.15 charged to my card or something crazy like that…

Just got a confirmation e-mail that says my order has been confirmed, $5.03

Incase anyone else was worried like, seems like it’s all going to be ok… now lets see my CRAP!!! hopes for a mini-fan broken video card and a blade from a busted robomower j/k :lol:

I always buy mystery boxes though, they are great!

Well Crap!~ :twisted:

I got 3 of them… Woot, put 5 on mine!! Show these flamers!! Hahahahaha

Yea, I like this kind of thing. :slight_smile: Toss 'em my way Woot. I like surprises.

–SubFreeze :twisted:

P.S. More…FlyFans…

interesting. might be worth it.

:oops: bought 3. now for the wait. less than 2 bucks i cant go worng eh? or can I? Todays is Boohooot

Flames? Why?? Never know, you could just get an APEX surround system or who knows what… it’s a penny. WTF are you going to do with a penny??? So if you order three (and you’d be a fockin’ idiot not to), you’re SURE to get something worth more than you paid… $5.03 don’t buy much.

What the heck. Since I got that great surround sound system, won a mouse, and won a robosapien (hope he shows up soon) I’ll help you guys get rid of some of your mystery bags. I’ll take three. :slight_smile:

i think the site’s flooded, the other stuff’s not loading for me :shock:

so this is a notebook case right… looks cheap to me, but i’ll be in!

oh woot, please be my summer santa and include a 9800 pro in my notebook stockings. it’ll be a great publicity stunt!

Assuming my order went through, I ordered 3. Three cheers for wasteful indiscriminate spending!!

At least it will be a surprise. But for less than $2 each it’s hard to go wrong. I don’t suppose it’s possible for a 20" flat panel monitor to fit in one of these bags, is it? :roll:

Today it is popular for thread c5apping!
Bring it on woot. Love surprises…

Woohoo! A neoprene bag! Or is it THREE neoprene bags? Hmmmmm.

I’m so happy.

Hehehe :slight_smile:

I got error pages returned 5 times when I clicked the Order button, before I finally got a message, “You can only order once per day.” Woot - Just wanted to make sure that my order (for 3) did indeed go through! Thanks!

for some crazy reason i can’t order it there is some runtime error shit popping up. anybody else here have a mastercard that can tell me where on it the little code is that they want?

I think this proves that impluse shopping at the $5 online is viable. I ordered three. To me, the bags are worth $5/3 apiece, regardless of the contents. Besides, I just paid for crap …

What comedian is it that says “You could take a styrofoam cup, used, with a hole in it, put a nickel in the bottom, write “Wishing Cup” on the side in crayon, go on QVC at three AM, and sell them for $500.”?

I got a server error the first time I placed my order - if there are two orders placed to the aatrek@gmail.com account, please cancel one of them!


:evil: @!$*!!! I forgot about the combined shipping and only ordered 1 ! :evil:

… oh well. at least I didn’t waste another two cents on crap like the rest of you suckers.