Random Sticker 10-Pack

Nooooo. Not 'till I receive the pack I ordered LAST time!

…just when I thought I was doing so well resisting… two things in a row that I want so much >.< Damn you woot!

I what? 10 stickers for $8? They better be freakin huge or something. D:

Shouldn’t this be sold during the ART time block?

Are these new designs? Or are they leftovers? We don’t have a picture this time of the new stickers we might receive like all the other times new stickers have been released.

Depends on the stickers you get. So far the smallest I got was about the size of a mini post-it, but the average ones are larger than standard-sized post-its.

It might just be a filler until the next block, especially if they didn’t sell very well last time.

Obligatory link: sticker trade thread

Random Sticker 10-Pack
Printed to order.