Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Lots of good reviews but I gotta say that my experience with this exact model has been a bit frustrating. When it works, it’s great but about 20% of the time, I get nothing but a black screen when I attempt playback and it is always just that same black screen even though it indicates there is video (never actually comes up after multiple attempts). And, about 10% of the time, I can’t connect to get a live view. Done all of the recommended troubleshooting, have great wifi connection to the unit, and pay the $30 a year cloud storage fee. I will say that motion detection works well and is easy to adjust and the video is decent quality… So, if your ok with a device that works 70% of the time, pull the trigger. I finally decided to by a different brand from the mother ship. Arrived yesterday so will install tonight and hopefully will have a more reliable solution.

This has been $119 on Amazon for the past several weeks. They raised the price today for this woot sale.

I suggest checking out the Google Nest Hello video doorbell. You can find some good deals if you look around and the features and quality blow this one out of the water.

I had 2 of these die on me within a year. I ultimately switched to the google offering after Ring support gave me the run around for a week. They insisted I keep sending them photos and trying things that were a waste of time after I clearly proved to them that their product was at fault (proper voltage on line, working mechanical chime, etc).

For example, they wanted me to swap the wires on the unit in case they were installed backwards. Which would be fine diagnostic had the product not been installed and working for a year! They didn’t magically reverse themselves.


let me get this right, you bought this one and you wasted your money on this model that youre NOT using but bought another one…but still recommend it if people dont mind it only works 70% of the time?

Did i get this right?

Another vote for nest hello. Started with Ring. We use nest with starling home hub so we can use Apple Home. Love it. Nice knowing WHO is at the door, comes up on our displays automatically.

I’m going into my 3rd year with this exact doorbell and so far I love it! I installed it myself and hooked it up to the existing wiring and it worked great for about 6 months then I began having the same issues you are having now. I had my electrician take a look at my doorbell and he said it needed more power so he boosted the amount of power going to the doorbell! It functions great now and the only time it does not is when my internet goes down which is very rare since I have Fios gigabyte internet!

Been using a Ring Pro for over a year now, have never had problems with it connecting or showing video. The motion sensor is excellent. Wired right into my existing doorbell with no problems.

With all of the reported security and privacy issues with Ring, I would never consider buying one!

I’d have to say that as far as privacy and security are concerned, do we truly even have that anymore? With things like Alexa, Google Home, Cell Phones. There is always access to our lives. As for the Ring, the only one I am aware of is that for crime, police can access your camera. This, however, is opt out capable by just saying “No.” I have had the original Ring for a while. I did run in to some issues at first with connection and the battery being weird. I had it connected to my existing wires. Turns out I had an older house with a transformer made for older bells. I swapped it for a stronger one and never had issue again. I am contemplating the pro. Depends one how much I would gain from it.

Curious here guys… we’ve had the ring doorbell version 2, or whatever its called, for about a year. It’s not the pro and not the original its in between. For some reason it seems like lately it has missed a few calls. But then I go back and look at the app and they show up as motion detected or ring answered yet I never got a single notification. We have Alexa tied in to the ring system so noemall she will announce all the alerts as we get them. These few random times…nothing. asking for tech support from ring is my worst nightmare as they will just say " uninstall and reinstall your app" or " reset your ring hub" and I know that isn’t going to fix it.

I’ve experienced the same issue. In fact, occasionally it will show an event but no video. I really wanted to like my "“pro” but it just isn’t reliable enough for me. I also tried the install/uninstall and router reset but no improvement. I suppose I could have tried a new transformer but just didn’t want to mess with that…

I’m probably not confused but do you mean the privacy of a camera that only can see/hear outside?

I had the pro and it died about 1 year in, purchased another and it has been going strong ever since, I think they made some changes from the original I had, don’t remember what it was but this one is much faster to pull up and less buggy. Both of mine are wired and as one person said, if there isn’t enough power it will be an issue.