Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Key & Backlit Keyboard

Welcome to the Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Key and Backlit Keyboard topic page for Tuesday, April 5th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.

That is one sweet keyboard! I’m afraid I’ll stick with my MX Duo though.

Hot, but not as hot as this: [URL][/URL]

Sweet Keyboard!!!

Nice tech item at a great price! Purple rockets… LAUNCH EVENT!!! Cool :slight_smile: … Great deals, Coupon Codes and freebies

Woot off time, please…

rather have speakers

woot woot! :lol: :lol: :lol:


woot woot

info please…what about this keyboard sure looks shiny

Jason; please consider upgrading your current build to include this keyboard and Mystery Speakers. And stay away from my daughter.


[b][size=24:d0e9eef54f][color=darkblue:d0e9eef54f]Sparkly and nice - yes, but fRanko wants a bag-o-crap.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Life is a trailer park.

Sweet looking keyboard


Cool keyboard; someone needs this! :roll:

no thanks

this this is pretty cool looking. Looks like something from a sci-fi TV show or somthing. Lowest Froogle is $59 from what i can find.

Very cool woot, too bad I don’t need a keyboard. Gosh, they really only need a few keys lit up W O O T. C O M
Night night time for me.

nice woot ;] i need an amp guys… or an outdoor speakers system

or a hot tub, better yet

Wow, that’s one sexy keyboard. And I’ve never said that before… Too bad I’m broke, and just got a new one for X-mas… Love it woot! keep the good affordable stuff coming!

Cool keyboard; someone needs this! :roll: