Saitek Executive Backlit Keyboard


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Saitek Executive Backlit Keyboard
Tossed another bone from Saitek
$19.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
So you’re up late, composing amorous responses to online personals; or maybe you’re in the midst of a grippingly suspenseful text adventure game. The cool, blue glow of your monitor is the only light in the room. This level of illumination is perfect for the mood, but how are you supposed to see the featherplucking keyboard?

Don’t turn on your desk lamp. Besides spoiling the atmosphere, you’ll wake your mom. [Joke deleted by Woot! writeup editor]

With its sexy blue backlighting, the Executive illuminated keyboard from Saitek is ideal for nighttime typing. What’s more, it has a funky fresh design that’ll compliment the decor in any dragonmaster’s keep.

Until medical science perfects the prosthetic eye, get the Saitek Executive and stop subjecting your lookin’ balls to all that dilation and contraction. Man, that’s just like a Cobra Kai sensei: it wears out the pupils.


* Condition: New, Retail
* 104 keys
* Blue LED backlighting
* Zero-Slope design and adjustable wrist rest for ergonomic comfort
* Three lighting levels: High / Low / Off
* Volume control / Mute
* Adjustable keyboard angle
* Adjustable wrist rest
* Silver finish and black keys
* Connection: Wired USB
* Plug and Play
* Compatible with Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000 and XP


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Well, here we go again… MONDAY :frowning: Not a big fan of them myself…Maybe this Woot can take the edge off of it.

Yep!! This is an awesome keyboard!!

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Wow, another computer item! Way to go, Woot! Looks like a reasonable deal too. Too bad I’ve just invested in nice Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combos.




Meh. No thanks.


I have one of these. They rock (at night)


mmm, pretty. now if it only came in Mac…


Perfect timing. The number pad on my keyboard just shorted out.



[size=18:ecf4d46cbb]WHO? I SAID MIKE JONES![/size:ecf4d46cbb]


:cry: Don’t need it, Thanks


No thanks, don’t need a keyboard that lights up. Didn’t anybody learn typing/keyboarding in school so you don’t have to look at the keys? :shock:


iffy at best


Looks spiffy, but the light from my monitor is more than ample to illuminate my keyboard.




wooty tap tap tap


wootgasmic…I’m in.


Hey Pete, read your email.


cool… missed this the first time around…


Boring! :frowning: