Velocity Micro Ultimate Keyboard by Creative

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Velocity Micro Ultimate Keyboard by Creative
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New OEM
product: 1 Velocity Micro Ultimate Keyboard by Creative

That shiny blue tingly feeling tells you it’s working!

Is it easy to wash ?

Most keyboards can be washed by removing the keys, but does the lighting system prevents this ?

This would go nice with yesterday’s woot mouse… too bad i like my logitech G9 mouse and G15 Keyboard too much.

The backlight makes it look extra tacky, does it turn into a spaceship too?

Looks like a clone of Logitech’s macro/gaming keyboards, minus the LCD screen and with less macro buttons. Also the software is probably much worse than logitech’s (which isn’t stellar either). At least it is cheap.

Non-standard Home/End/PgUp/PgDn key layout = fail.

will this work on a mac? Ha…

Bad layout… I’ll keep my Razer Lycosa, thanks.

anyone know the actual dimensions of this thing?

looks pretty nice… im a fan of blue lighting… too bad i dont have any need to buy it

I love that the bots have useful links for 1 out of 20 products.

Something is stable in this unstable world!

Those lights would drive me f*cking crazy. Ill stick to my electrical tape covered LED’s, and my $5 bargain keyboard.

need i say more besides i want one

i think its sweet. im in for 1. it has to better than my sunbeamtech keyboard.
never go sunbeamtech with back lighting. any ways this should be good.

The real issue is how the key-clicks feel. The description does not say, but I would bet it is “generic cheapo membrane” switches. Most keyboards are cheesy mushy membrane keys. I use a Cherry Mechanical switch keyboard. Click…click…clickety click…rather than squish squish squishity squish. I do have an led flashlight, though.

I’m good with my fatal1ty keyboard.

Looks to be the same as Creative’s “Spectre Gamer Keyboard”

Not very favorable reviews around the net, I’ll skip this one, even though I do need a new keyboard.

As the description hints, this is also called the Spectre Keyboard. Not so good reviews on Amazon. It seems to run in the $45-$50 range elsewhere.