Samsung Tablets

I have one of the 12" Pro models, and I’ve never regretted getting it. If you prefer handwriting to text entry, chart/diagram stuff, create quick mock ups, or need to regularly read/edit large page format documents, this is your device.


  • It’s amazing for reading large documents (technical manuals, comic books).
  • Sound and picture are very good. Speakers are surprisingly loud.
  • S-Pen apps are really good. I use this the most out of all the features - handwriting to text is excellent, as is snapping flowchart elements to straight lines and perfect curves.
  • It’s good for gaming, but I’ve never cared much for that aspect of it so can’t attest to that aspect much.
  • With a case and BT keyboard, it is definitely a decent laptop substitute.
  • Almost never lags - only when multiple SD card writes are happening (eg, downloading and installing a lot of updates, moving huge files, etc)


  • Battery life is only three hours or so at max brightness and use (ie, playing a movie), due to having to power the huge screen. Otherwise I usually get about 6-8hrs use in a laptop type use situation.
  • Some people might find the 12" model too bulky or heavy for comfort (I’m a huge guy, I’m fine with it)

I’m throwing in my support for the 12.2 inch models as well. I’ve had much better luck with the battery though. I can usually get at least 6 hours of movie watching or 8-9 hours of web browsing, paper writing, emailing, etc.

I have the Tab Pro but I’m getting a Note Pro for my partner because she loves my tablet and would get a lot of milage out of the active stylus.

In fact, I’m writing this post from my tablet using a Bluetooth keyboard right now!

I picked up a 12.2" model a few weeks back. I love the tablet and functionality for editing PDFs for school and doing diagrams/taking notes.
There hadn’t been a 10.1" model on that sale which I had been looking for but settled for a 12.2". I have to come grips with the size of the tablet and am overall very happy with it. I have had pretty decent battery life as well… at least 3-4 hours on wifi taking notes at a coffee shop.
If i had to do it over again, I would probably stick with the 12.2" since it’s easier to take notes and use the stylus with.

What is the difference between the Tab Pro 8.4 listed here and the Tab S 8.4? Amazon has the Tab S 8.4 new for $280, and the specs look similar to this.

The biggest differences are the display (AMOLED vs. LCD) and memory (3GB vs. 2GB). I’m very happy with my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. If I were to buy a new Samsung tablet, I’d wait for the 2015 models, either to pick up one of the 2015 models or to pick up the “S” model at a discount.

I may do that. I’ve been looking for an upgrade to my Nexus 7, but too many of the small tablets have a terrible display. I like that these have a good display. My Nexus is still working, so I can wait a bit.

My Note 10.1 (2013) is one of the better device purchases I’ve made. I don’t always use the stylus, but it’s very helpful for certain things(like playing some of the retro games in the store, like Baldur’s Gate)

I’ve got a Note Pro 12 4G. Shit is the tits. Awful price here though.

Remember when woot had good deals?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Purchased brand new Tab Pro 8.4 from Best Buy for the $199 half a year ago.

Battery life isn’t spectacular though it’s a spectacular device for the price and in general.
–wanted a small-ish device.

Love my Tab Pro 8.4 Just be aware that some covers will switch the screen off if folded around the back. If rolled up in a triangle, works fine, but it was quite frustrating for awhile there. Screen is beautiful and not oversaturated with hypercolors. Ability to throw in a microSD is a plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12" 32GB Tablet was my 100th woot!!! Was waiting for something epic.